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  1. Be careful around Deptford, its a very rough area. I have never experienced so many threats of violence from the home fans near the away end before. Throat cutting hand signals and "let's fight outside" gestures plus Millwall fans singning "We're gonna kick your f***ing heads in". Some would says its banter but melting into the crowd after that match without a hint of yellow was my number one priority.
  2. A few years ago, I was running late trying to get to Millwall away. I didn't know where the "New Den" was. As I was walking towards an area where I thought the ground was, I saw an angry looking skin head man walking towards me with the full outfit (Harrington jacket, rolled up drainpipe jeans, DMs) and with tattoos on his neck and face. I thought right the best way to deal with him is attack so I asked him where the ground was. I put on a thick London accent and said "Alright mate, do you know where the New Den is?". He said "Yeah it's up there turn right. Which end do you want?" I wasn't going to say "Away end". I said "I don't know, an end I can get a ticket. Cheers mate".
  3. I expect this video link has been posted before but its a great video of David Fox''s assists and goals http://youtu.be/1caGKNls7Ks
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/jakehumphrey/2009/05/glory_hunting_is_not_for_me.html a very entertaining read! I didn''t know our 2nd top scorer this season was og!?!
  5. We are playing the bottom club no disrespect meant to the Charlton fan on here. On paper we should be favourites to win this game!
  6. I think Plymouth will beat Barnsley too. I think we need to play more instinctively against Charlton and try and forget what''s at stake. We looked so nervous against Reading that our natural game didn''t flow. When we have played our best this season (5-1 v Wolves) we''ve been almost in an automatic attacking mode. I think if the players can forget about the importance of the result and play their natural game we''ll beat Charlton.
  7. I was listening to it on Coventry Radio on the net and the biased Coventry commentators couldn''t believe that the linesman was waving his flag for a penalty. It sounded like a shot/cross that was fired closs range onto the Barnsley defenders hand. We''ll take it. Perhaps our luck has now changed and we''ll get every penalty going!! Great result any way.
  8. No worries. Who do we want in charge instead? Hopefully somebody with loads of experience!
  9. [quote user="Belaugh Yellow"] you cna call me crazy, or deluded, or waht ever you liek but i have a fe4eling of great optimisum(spelling??)   I do believe on sunday we will tunr the tide and start the ahrd slog to mid table. I believe a good trouncing of the scum, will bring back that team spirit that we are missing, adn we will start to go somewere.   So all i can say is COME ON CITY!!!! LETS BE HAVIN YA!!!! [/quote] I like your optimism. If Delia''s 12th man is loud and vocal we''ll win, so yep - WHERE ARE YOU? LET''S BE ''AVING YOU!!!
  10. Yep 1-1 at Carrow Road. I can''t confirm who scored our goal but from memory I think Goss scored the equaliser at Carrow Road.
  11. Yeah Matthaus said after we knocked them out that "Norwich City were just an average club" - bad loser. I thought it was 1-1 at Carrow Road. Back in a minute, I''ll check.
  12. Did you know that Neil Warnock''s hated nickname is Colin? If you taken the letters colin out of his name you''re left with a rather un-flattering expletive.
  13. I admire him! I rather have a confident manager like GR than a feeble one.
  14. Flecky, love the goal he scored against Chelsea at Stanford Bridge. He hit the ball on the volley running just beyond the half way line into the top right hand corner of the goal right in front of the home Shed End. Ha! 
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