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  1. so now a 5 point lead in January guarantees promotion. It suits us fine that the "experts" all think QPR are already promoted and they have the best player in the league. We will just carry on as we are picking up points and going unnoticed cheering on our own expert for the way he has transformed our club.
  2. Are we gunning for QPR or is that a bridge too far. Warnock seems to be the right man to get them promoted.
  3. Maybe we should put an application forward to play in the SPL.
  4. By not liking the whole "Premiership Circus" it does not mean that you don''t want your club to do well.
  5. I thought the comparison between Lansbury and Dickson Etuhu on Canary Call was hilarious.
  6. Maybe the FA could now wake up and realise that dishing out a two match touchline ban to Lambert made no difference whatsover. If anything , it inspired the team even more.
  7. Keano !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hates the scum you know    x3 Repeat until he waves....
  8. Just wondering how his leg is now after breaking it in the 44th minute tonight. The Reading physio must be Jesus.
  9. Shame ........Was looking forward to laughing at his silly face on the touchline.
  10. Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. We all want the best for Norwich City and the Premiership would offer this, financially and in status. Unfortunately the Premier League is now, as a previous post highlighted ....... " S**t".   
  11. Norwich Citys current 32 consecutive games scoring in away league games.
  12. Purely based on what ive seen then its Korey. 20 odd home games compared to 10 minutes on the FLS.
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