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  1. I totally agree. Spillane has looked qaulity in the reserves and deserves a starting place against Plymouth. I would rather see hem in the Yellow and Green than Etuhu/Jarrett.
  2. I have just heard from my mate, yes I know it sounds like a rumour but he actually does know whats going on at the club which is strange because I dont think anyone else does. Anyway he has just told me that although Dean di tweak his groin, even if he was fit he wouldnt have played today as he is in talks with Manchester City about an £8million move. The deal should be completed and announced by Monday evening/Tuesday morning. I for one am gutted but have been expecting it. Good bye Dean, and Good Luck. WORTHY, I WANT YOU OUT!
  3. IMO the whole right side should be the priority in the January window. We need a solid right-back who can also attack down the wing and we need a right-winger who can beat a player and cross and also help defend when needed. Right-back their is John Halls from Stoke who is probably the best in the league and currently only has 5 months left on his contract, if not then their is Keith Foley from Luton who is not as solid as Halls but knows how to tackle and is very good going forward. Right-wing thier are not to many options available, Palace and Sheff utd snapped up the better ones at the start of the season in Mcanuff and Ifill but their is talent out thier like Neil Danns who is running riot in League one with 10 goals from right mid including one against sheff utd today in the cup.
  4. When is it and will it be on sky sports news! PS I saw Halls, Koumas, Rasiak and Jerome all shopping together in Morrisons today, coincedence....I think not.
  5. Neil Danns scored today and is causing all sorts of trouble for the Sheffield utd defence. This boy is class and would be class on the right for us.
  6. IMHO Matt Jansen is an absolute legend. Before his accident he was magnificent in the Premiership and hasnt really been given a chance after. TO get him on a free would be a massive coup and if he played half as good as he once did then we have a qaulity player on our hands. We should definatly look at him before another championship team gets thier hands on him. Could be an absolute legend here and I for one would welcome him with open arms.
  7. Great News. Apparently Paul Ifill has fallen out with Neil Warnock about the lack of first team football hes getting and wants to leave. If this is true IMO we should gao all out to get him as he is one of the best right-wingers in this league and we havnt had a natural right-winger at this club since before I can remember. I doubt Warnock would want more than the 800k they paid for him.
  8. Wolves have bid 1.5million for him. IMPO if Ashton leaves then he is the only replacement I would except as Jerome is not a targetman. We should get a bid in know to show our interest.
  9. Could be the right-winger we have been looking for. Has done wonders at Colchester since joining from Blackburn, can beat a player and put in a cross and knows where the goal is aswell. Has been getting rave reviews from managers in league one and IMO could be just what we are looking for on the right. Could be got for around 500k tops and cant be worse than the right winger weve got, oh wait we havnt got one. Still young so could have a big future in the game. Come on Worthy, have a look.
  10. We our only a decent right back away from a very good defensive set up. We have an England international goalie who on his day is as good as any keeper in England ( think back to white heart lane ), a qaulity left back who did not look out of place in the premiership, an Ireland international centre-back who has been an absolute rock for us this season, an up and coming centre back who also looked solid in the premiership and the best defensive midfielder in the championship who could easily perform in the prem ( remember that tackle on Rooney that lead to the goal against man u ). If we could just get a decent right back in like John Halls then we could have a Premiership class defensive set up for years to come. ---------- Green ----------- Halls Doherty Shackell Drury ----------- Safri ------------
  11. We could have got Paul Ifil from Millwall for 800k and he also is much better than Hughes and Etuhu put together. He is probably the best right-mid outside the premiership and is instrumental in Sheffield Utds promotion push. IMO he wouldve have chose us over them in pre-season. I cant think of any right-mids who are half-decent that we could get for that kind off money now, can you?
  12. I am not a ''Worthy Outer'' and I believe we have finnally turned the corner as 5 straight wins cannot be luck although I admit today was a disgrace. I do like Worthy however I know he needs help in the transfer market and have tried to make it a bit easier for him. I have written a list of the positions that need to be filled and potential players that could fill these holes. In order of what I think is most important; Right-Midfield - An out and out right winger who can beat a player and cross who also gets stuck in and defends. Paul Ifil would have been perfect but Sheff utd snaped him up. Cant think of many that are acailable, maybe Birchall of Port Vale. Centre-Midfield - An attack minded player to partner super Safs. A goalscorer who creates for the strikers whilst supporting them. Steve Sidwell (although doubtful know), Paul Mckenna, Kenny Lunt, Michael Brown or simular sort of players. Right-Back - A solid centre back who can tackle, head and also push forward. A right-footed drury would be perfect but if not then John Halls or Foley of Luton would be good. IMO we are only a right-back short of a very good defensive set up. Left-Midfield - Same as the Right-Midfielder. Not as important but someone who can provide competition for Hucks who clearly isnt fit enough to play every game anymore, Andy Ried, Kris Commons, David Vaughan, Jay Tabb. Again hard to find. Forward - A pacey striker to provide competition for Mcviegh/Ashton/Mckenzie like Cameron Jerome, Freddy Eastwood, Matty Fryatt. And if Ashton leaves top of the list will be a big striker who can win the ball, hold it up and shoot. Like Rasiak who is proven at this level. Also maybe a centre back to provide cover for Doherty Shacks and Flem but this is not so important at the mo although Flem isnt getting any younger. So thier you go Worthy, I know you cant fill all these gaps with the money available but these are the what I believe NEED to be sorted.
  13. Green Colin Doherty Shackell Drury  Jarvis Etuhu Charlton Mcviegh Ashton Hucks A 4-3-3 with Mcviegh and Hucks droping to a 5 man midfield when Preston are attacking. Is Shacks back?
  14. The ginger left back/left mid who plays for the dons. Living in milton keynes I get to see the dons play when norwich are away and i cant get thier. Lewington is probably the best left sided player in league one but is not better than Drury and Hucks however would be a good addition to the sqaud. PS He can cross the ball.
  15. Izale Mcleod is the biggest waste of space I hve seen. He misses the target more times than all of our strikers put together. I dont think Chorley will be an improvement on waht we have either. I have heard we are after 6''''4 Mansfield defender John Alex-Baptiste. He is 19/20 and dubbed the new Ledley King.
  16. The only two replacements I would wand here are 1. Mark Bowen, 2.George Burley.
  17. Yes Akinbiyi is doing very well at Burnley but our strikers on form, Ashton, Mckenzie, Thorne, Jarvis etc IMO are better players. Anyway a right-winger is what we need this coming January not another striker.
  18. Yes 25 points is a lot but we have to play them twice which gets it down to 19 if we win both, which we can. Sheffield utd will have a bad spell this season and still have got tricky games to play against teams like Wolves, Reading, Southampton and Watford etc etc. With a little consistency and playing to our potential we can catch them and this starts with the next four games.
  19. Spurs paid 1.1million for him and more depending on games, goals etc. If we dont get Davers we have Shackell to fill his position. IMO we should try and get Alex Baptiste from Mansfield, dubbed as the next Ledley, he is strong, quick, good in the air, good and tackling and is a natuaral leader being captain at only 19 years of age, and at 6ft4 is at a decent hieght aswell. Could be the perfect partner for Shacks/Doherty if Davers leaves.
  20. Its not even half way through the season yet. Whos to say we cannot catch the top two, it will be hard but with the team weve got IMO we can do it. We should be aiming for the top two as we now have a sqaud as good as them. COME ON CITY.
  21. I think that we should be looking to win all of these and expect a minimum of 9/10 points out of them. IMO we cn still catch the top two and this is what we should be aiming for, not settling for the play-offs. Green Wright Doherty Davenport Drury Hughes Etuhu Safri Huckerby Ashton Thorne We can beat anyone in this league and should not settle for second best. OTBC. PS. Is Davenport left-footed as he used his right for the majority of the match? PPS. Has Safri been offered a new contract?
  22. Thier is no place for Hughes which means we wont be giving the ball away easily from Midfield. The starting line up should be; Green Colin Doherty Davenport Drury McVeigh Etuhu Safri Huckerby Ashton Henderson Not the best team in the world but a above average championship team and one that IMO should beat Luton.
  23. Dickson Etuhu of Preston. Could be got for about 500k. Basically a young Damo who can also tackle, hes strong, quick, comfortable on the ball and IMO would be Safs perfect partner. Mcveigh Etuhu Safri Huckerby
  24. Firstly, Davenport wont want to join us perminantly and secondly we need midfielders more. Shackell and Doherty is an untried partnership and Doc would still be on his prefered right side of centre-back. We need as much money as possible to get in midfielders which could also mean the sale of Ashton to fund this.
  25. Why would they leave teams challenging for promotion for one battling relegation. We need midfielders, not attackers, thier are plenty of decent midfielders avaiable but Worthless cant see them.
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