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  1. Nice to see city win away, even if took me 18 months personally to witness an away win and at Crewe again! How times have changed! My point is Where were all the Worthy outers? other than  a small goup to my left singing "someone elses Green N Yella army" , "C''mon lets be sackin you" & even chanting Worthys name (although this might have been ironic!and helped by a little liquid refreshment), along with some ''gallows type'' humour, with me included, there was very little else, even at 1-0 down! You can make up your own opinion as to wether I''m a inner or outer, but I do like to try and remain adjective and see both sides, but considering the amount of retoric and polls  that is spouted recently on web sites and the press there was very little evidence of any mass vocal support for his sacking, dont forget this was not a vintage display from City and a couple of players still ''went missing'', and yes I have been to some of the more infamous away games this season. I''m sure there were ''worthy outers'' there but realising that the whole is more important than the sum and so shew there support in a more positive way, and should be applauded along with every other City supporter who was there, cos I dont think many of us thought we were going to win! I''m going to sheff Utd on Boxing day, that will be a test of whatever ''the Faith'' is! Will the ''majority'' of Worthy outers be there ? Doubt it somehow. There is a big difference between a Fan and a  Supporter. Which one are you? I only support two teams...........................................Norwich and anyone playing ip"£$ch
  2. Added another signature, Strange dont see that perrenial doom & gloom merchant 1st W showing his support, but with his way of thinking it will be one less team for Norwich to play, and with with no one to play against, NCFC will have to sack worthy!!! I only support two teams, Norwich and anyone playing ip"£$ch!
  3. Green away Shirt 1. we never seem to win wearing them and play abismaly, why the change at Fulham to yellow then? dint work though! 2 even when we won league at Sunderland we lost! 3 Should only be worn when colour clash with opponents. I only support two teams.........Norwich and anyone playing ip£$%ch
  4. If my memory serves me right, didnt we have a similar situation in the 80s, but in reverse, when we wanted strikers but always seemed to buy midfielders? it used to drive me nuts then. it still does now! Or is he looking to play primus in midfield? I only support two teams..........Norwich and anyone playing ip"£$ch!
  5. It looks that way, just been txting mate discussing the same thing. if it is the case lets make quick and painless for all concerned. i only support two teams.............norwich and anyone playing ip£"%^ch
  6. Escaping from the many "Worthy out" posts, Is it me or is Callum Davenport bringing the best out of Doherty, with them two together at the back we are getting better and better at the moment, but have only been hindered by a lack of midfield. When callum was suspended against QPR and doc was paired with Flem, to me, he just did not look the same player, yes I know perfectly well the whole team had an awayday!and prior to his arrival as well. So my question is If and when NCFC decided to buy Davenport are they in fact buying 2 defenders and on the flip side if we let him go at the end of his loan will we loose 2 defenders???? Seems good VFM! yes i know we have already shelled out for Doc, but you get my drift! I only support two teams.................Norwich and anyone playing ip%$£ch
  7. Good positive original post and replies, I dont generally post much, but do like a good read but am fed up with the amount of negativity from certain members of the "Ive been a season ticket holder for ............."brigade. Yes we all know who you want out and your opinion is right but its getting so boring and depresses me just as much the poor performances on the pitch, we must have a posse of Jose Moriniho clones following the canaries! they always seem to know best, Look out for the trenchcoats on sat! Yes worthy Frustrates me at times with his selections and tactics, but I really do want him to prove them wrong, and to certain extent myself included, but this team is not being helped to improve with the amount negativity some "fans" are generating at the mo, its starting to spread! football is constantly evolving, Finances and contracts dictate at the moment, so lets support NCFC,l the players and Worthy. I want a result as much you all do! I only support two teams............Norwich and anyone playing ip%*$"h
  8. totally agree! Its about time some football clubs realise that they are run for the fans and have a big voice in what happens to their club and not shareholders etc. If sum of these owner were true supporters of their clubs ( aka Delia) they would applaud and take note, its not the case of win at all cost and if the guy ever plays again it will be a day too soon, hes a thug and a bully and if he wernt a pro footballer the only trophy he would have is an ASBO! Fan power works, if its channelled in the right way. I only support two teams ..................Norwich and anyone playing ips!"$h
  9. Dean Ashton is today being question by Fashion Police, after they were anominously tipped off, regarding Dean being spotted in green n yellow superman outfit! He, as yet refused to name the "Mr Big" involved in the design of appalling new Norwich home strip, and the Fashion police spokesman today issued an appeal for information for this henious crime, and are hoping a member of NCFC staff will come forward. He also stressed that members of Norwich faithful not to approach "Mr Big", as he is liable to scratch your eyes out and pull your hair! otbc and 3 points tomora!   I only support two teams.............................Norwich and anyone playing ips"£$h
  10. IN Lets see wot hes really made of!!! Remember fergie was one game away from the chop all those years ago! I only support two teams...............Norwich and anyone playing ip!"£$h
  11. Went the the Cambridge game. Roberts scored! just like old times Cracking atmosphere behind the goal, with a very mixed bag of supporters ( in their own colours) ALL cheering on Cambridge. Excellent turn out by city by the way. Hi-lite for me, other than Roberts scoring, Ipswich supporters ( must give them repect for being there) having to chant " come on you Yellows" every time Cambridge got a corner. Now that must have hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big thanks to all Cambridge supporters for making us welcome and watching game in supporters club afterwards. Im sorry first game was the best!! Reading other post posts glad I dint stay for "Worthys Words of Wisdom" after game on sky would have had a fit and got ejected.
  12. Just got back from the pub!!!!!!!!! [Friday, 23:43]   Hello! I only support two teams , Norwich and anyone playing ip!"£$h
  13. I"ll go with your comments   I only support two teams, Norwich and anyone playing ip!"£$h
  14. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & the Missus, Is any city fans watchin the game afterwards in a pub in cambridge? If so wheres the best place? I only support two teams Norwich and anyone playing ip"£$%h
  15. Wont be able to manure game as on holiday, therefore leaving my season ticket available. my one stipulation is if you want it you bleed green & yellow! A bloke who works at same place as me has been sniffing about, always been hardcore norwich but just cant afford it etc, blah blah blah!! My suspicions about being closet red emerged this morning after he was overheard moaning about a result in milan and how unlucky they were!! hes got as much as getting that ticket as kissing the Queens a!"$, Id rather seat was left empty! B4 anyone asks, my nephew is standing in for me providing he can get time off work.     I only support two teams..............Norwich and anyone playing ip"%!£h
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