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  1. You guys spend way too much time worrying about a team in another county
  2. Is there a historical reason why Green seems to be the team''s defacto press person? Id have thought that''d be the Captain''s job, but Green seems to be the guy to go to for quotes, stories, match previews, what have you.
  3. I think by the very definition of the word, it is disloyal, but that doesnt have to be a negative word. To me loyalty is when you stick with someone or something when at that moment you have more reasons for dumping someone than keeping them. Loyalty, or marriage, or anything requiring commitment is easier when everything is smelling of roses.
  4. [quote user="Dennis The Menace"]Has anyone heard of disloyalty? He got us into the premier league ...[/quote]   Did he? or did Norwich City Football Club, with him included; go to the promised land? If he is responsible for that, than he is equally responsible for the Canaries no longer being there and on top of that the current situation. If the manager''s position is that powerful, why arent we saving up transfer money for Jose Mourinho?
  5. [quote user="Balham Yellow"]What is ignorant is suggesting that because someone is not a professional sports coach that their opinion is invalid.  [/quote]   I agree, but that doesnt mean they arent ignorant. The customer is always right, but they rarely know what the hell they''re talking about.
  6. So they dont train the day after (Sunday) and they dont train on Mondays, and either Wednesday or Thursday is their ''day off''   When exactly do they do anything?
  7. [quote user="superhux"]If they are calling worthy outers the ''hooligan minority'', maybe they werent listening at the crystal palace game. I dont think one person wasn''t chanting. The board needs to get a grip before the fans start to desert and it hits them where it hurts, the bank balance.[/quote]   Lets play along for a minute. Lets pretend it is a "hooligan minority" can we understand then that the club is responding to their protests, whether the result is what they were hoping for? The Club needs to make the best decision for the club, not make reactionary decisions to what they consider a minority.
  8. I must have misunderstood it then. "fans are calling for a meeting to discuss Worthington" made me think they''re asking for a sit down with him to talk about the situation. Otherwise it sounds fairly tame and ordinary.
  9. I feel bad for the guy now. He''s going to have to sit in a room and get asked a bunch of silly questions about why the players dont play in a certain way, why he doesnt field so and so, why x is out of position all the time. Stuff so underling from the press department would be better off handling. Basically, he''s not going to be treated very professionally.
  10. [quote user="cliffoa"] Re Worthless''s ''Roy of the Rovers'' comments about Hucks, when will managers wake up and realise that ''neat and tidy'' safety first football will never win anything, least of all the supporters?   [/quote]   *shrug* the Italians do it pretty well, and they dont do too shabby in the Champs League. Its fun to watch them tactically than English football which often times resembles a volleyball game. 1..2..3....hoof
  11. You guys dont seem to appreciate how fickle a sport football is. It wasnt long ago that Worthington was "manager of the month" based on a few good games. A few bad games, and people are calling for his head. Personally? I dont see anything in his playing or managerial career to indicate he''s much of anything. You used to play football? Thats nice, we need to win games, thanks.   Part of that fickle attitude, and something I''ve brought up before; is the blame culture of English football. SOMEONE must be to blame. If there cant be a single player''s mistake that we can focus on, over analyse, and over criticse; then by default we revert back to the manager. Thats why we have the sickening display of the English WC manager''s job being the most scrutinised after the PM. Sometimes I fear for this country and its culture. Most of the time, really...
  12. Hold on, what exactly does Dean Ashton (or really any player) owe the club? They bought him yeah and brought him into the Prem League, but thats because he had something to offer them in return. It wasnt an act of charity on the part of Norwich FC, it was a business deal. It ended up not surviving, so he moved on. If it was Huckerby maybe id understand. He''d probably be riding the bench still at Man C, but Norwich has given him a second chance.
  13. How loyal would they be if AC and Man U werent heavyweight teams? Its funny that you consider Green comitted, but are unsure of Huckerby. I put them both in the same category though its not meant as an insult; ie what better chances have they let go by?
  14. [quote user="rocky marshall"]An amateur player probably doing amateur training. Training is about a mix of VOLUME, DURATION and INTENSITY. Doing more doesnt mean you''ll get more out. Its what you do with the time. And training two nights a week gets you 4 days off with no training - hardly comparable. Unless of course you want the players knackered for match day! We only see what happens on the pitch as opposed to in the weights room or individual work outside (running, pool sessions etc). The players are often at greens. Wages are paid for the job you do and nothing else. Should soldiers be paid when there''s no war? But they''re paid to fight and protect us - getting paid to sit around in a barracks - laughable!!!!! Dont judge others on your standards (those being not very high!).[/quote]   Id love to see you run that by someone who does triathalons. Not that I did. But 2 and a half hours of training a day is a joke. And I assume that includes the skills sessions. Id have excpted 2 hours plus just of physical work.
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