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  1. huckerby6


    The biggest problem with Rvw is that he has come from a fairly weak league where more time is given on the ball by opposing teams,and he is not being out muscled by 6ft 3inch brick shit house defenders.If you don''t have the stature to match them,then you need the pace to go past them and he just doesn''t fit into any of those categories.That''s why you see him now trying to take snap shots from half chances that come his way.I think a goal now will do him the world of good,but i just don''t see where it''s coming from.
  2. huckerby6

    Norwich vs Fulham Match Thread

    Hope people can see how difficult it is to play the lone striker up front and Becchio is finding it as hard going as Holt was.But Becchio certainly working hard and trying to get on the end of crosses.Think that who scores first here will probably go on and win!!!
  3. huckerby6

    Becchio must start ahead of Holt

    Well a few people have there wish as Holt is injured and Becchio starts!!Let''s see how we do then.
  4. http://www.wearetherangersboys.com/forum/showthread.php?156646-Clint-v-Holt
  5. huckerby6

    Kei Kamara First In?

    Let''s hope this guy has something about him...Looks like we are the only club in for him!!
  6. huckerby6

    Daniel Ayala

    Here is the story reported by sky sports!!!

  7. huckerby6

    One Year On - Your Tributes

    Bet he was looking down on the thousands of city supporters gathered at city hall a few weeks ago and joining in with the singing of "We are premier league"
  8. huckerby6


  9. huckerby6

    Stephen Caulker

    Don''t think there was really anything in this Caulker to Norwich Loan rumour!!!
  10. huckerby6

    Tears anyone

    Lost for words really on what this team has done for Norwich and Norfolk over the last 2 years,so so happy right now!!!Tears streamed down my face just thinking about what this great football team has done for all us city supporters last night!!!
  11. huckerby6


    Just now on late kick off!!!
  12. What a hell of an atmosphere there will be at carrow rd today now that Paul messiah Lambert has said he wants to stay at Norwich.

    Those of you lucky enough to be there,sing your hearts for the man,and the team.Because with Lambert this football club is truly going places.
  13. huckerby6

    Radio norfolk

    Everyone really needs to get behind lambert tomorrow,and the whole ground needs to sing your hearts out for him.
  14. huckerby6

    Radio norfolk

    lambert has just left carrow rd acccording to radio norfolk,but he did confirm that he would be at the game tomorrow.
  15. huckerby6

    Radio norfolk

    [quote user="Henry"][quote user="Woman in the Stands WITS"]RN just reported there are several reporters there but no news to report. Number of staff left at 5pm - end of working day. Discussions about whether or not a Mercedes is PL''s or not.Notice it''s gone relatively quiet on here as I guess people are travelling home from work. [/quote]I have just eaten my home made sweet chilli chicken and egg fried rice ... yummy [:P]Right back to the hysteria and incessant rumour-mongering [:S][/quote]

    I don''t know how you can have an appetite to eat food,my stomach is churning over and over here.

    Feel sick that he might leave us.