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  1. I agree with grant, i dont go that often to games but i have definetly noticed that our fans arent as loud as we once were and i have beeen saying this for a while, and anyway rather then keep arguin with him cant everyone just stick with him and go to the match and make us proud.
  2. he is one of my favourite players to buy when i am playing LMA Manager he is well decent but would he come to norwich when scum 2nd (man u) will be cheeky and put in a bid for him with five times the salary we can offer!
  3. i agree why are people on the pinkun website at 2:00 o''clock in the morning surely they must get tired..and have to be up in the morning
  4. personlly i go for andy marshall..............NOT brian gunn for definit but i do wonder what would happen if i did say andy marshall virtual beatings?, millions of viruses?, disowned by my own familly
  5. i do agree with the fact that james is rubbish but come on sven does has a big problem with adding on and taking people off the starting team. i mean look at david beckham he was not fit and would obviously not play well but still sven could not make himself take him off at least at half time and so he played someone who was destined to faliure and the same with james. this is why sven isn''t very good because he can only choose one team and not add other players to the first team. also ledley king got his chance because terry was injured and he played his heart out and was excellent one of the best players on the pitch and what more can he do to prove himself huh. but once again as soon as terry was fit he played him and didn''t give king another chance and guess what he played rubbish. the chances of greeno being number 1 by xmas is very...very...very slim. and plus he is not good enough. i am sorry he is my favourite norwich city player but come on at least let him work out how to play premiership football and once he is good at that (2 years time) (world cup 2006) then he will be england number 1
  6. beckham is one of the worlds best players....simple how dare anyone says that he is rubish just because of one unfit competition. if rooney plays rubish in 2006 then will you blast him and start going on at him huh. get over yourselfs no one is perfect and no one can play perfect football everyday. so i declare that signing beckham is a smart move aslong as worthy can motivate him and keep him fit. p.s he was only so unfit because he was so tired from the affair fiasco and had to make it up to posh in lots of ways and it was hard for him to reach up to a good enough standard. and also real madrid gave him to much free time and so he wasn''t practicing and so he lost too muchso if anyone blame real madrid. (and sven for not motivating him and getting him fit).
  7. personally i think that if the circumstances are right then we should sign him up. i think we need someone new someone more premiership style (not saying that it is better then our style) basically all of the premiership strikers score goals. all they want is the ball at their feet and a shot at goal and if we give hasselbaink that then he can score hundreds! we can leave hucks and svensson to create a great partnership and stun the defenders with the new style of play!
  8. Greeno is my favourite City player always has been and always will be. and anyway why would he go to arsenal when he would only get played if lehmann is injured and he will not get the needed premiership experiance he needs to get no 1 in the england squad. i reckon he should stay here for at least another 2 years cause if we stay up then 2 years experiance just might get him into the england no 1 shirt. there are no positive reasons for him going apart from being paid to sit on the bench!!
  9. personally i think that 13th will be good basically because it is my lucky number and then if we do finish 13th then the whole norwich board will see that we will have a real good chance to be in the top ten and then they will have to start looking at giving nigel more money to spend on players like okacha who made it big for bolton and other people who make it big when they sign for us!!
  10. Worthy has been the best Manager in the Div 1 for as long as I can remember, and I reckon that his brilliant management will have every other team in the prem scared of what we can do. And to think of the calibre of players he has at his disposal we will be in the Prem for a long time to come. But do you all think???
  11. personally i reckon avoiding relegation is the main task in hand. come on let''s not do an ipswich scum and finish really high and come straight back down. staying in the premiership means so much more than winning and getting too confident and come on if we stay in the premiership we get another 20 000 000 for staying there and also greeno will be england no 1 with the experiance to crush the likes of ronaldo, raul, henry. COME ON NORWICH!!!
  12. i would have to say that england winning would boost the whole country moral and would make england become more united...but... if norwich stay in the premiership for the next 10 years then i reckon they will win more stuff. both are as good as each other and hey let''s hope they both come true.. p.s couldn''t engl;and win both and norwich win the premiership 4 times and champs league 1 time and both cups 2 times? then get relegated with about 100 million in the bank?
  13. i personally think that it is his choice and i know that he will make the bestchoice for him.
  14. was playing for england and isn''t now that made me come to the conclusion that... he is a hasbeen!! no one wants him and he thinks that norwich are desperate to sign him. get stuffed! we will not pay soo much money for a arrogant old man! i say that we show him how to be proud of being premiership and stuff him and go into the premiership fighting!!
  15. it seems to me like no one wants to sign with norwich why not? it''s because of the fact that they know that they will find it hard to get in to the squad they r just thriving on the attention and hope someone like west brom who copies us in every signing attempt will sign them on fat chance.
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