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  1. wudn''t it make more sense to play 5 at the back?! with the casualties and suspensions coming into this game i wud def take a point. put dion as a sweeper wid shax and doc in front of him...C''MON CITY
  2. Martin is startin up front wid brown, thank god. hope he grabs a goal or 2 and keep himself in the team for wen hux is back cos dont rate brown...C''MON CITY
  3. Me and a few of my mates ordered tickets for the fulham game and we''re sitting in the neutal zone. but not sure what kind off rules are set for the area; such as wearing norwich colours and chanting? Anybody out there that can help?!
  4. 1-1. Brett Emerton on 64 mins. Blackburn sound much better, im listenin on canaries world and rovers are havin a few chances and brom will go above us on goal diff if it stays like this
  5. Just read that McVeigh has put his international career on hold to concentrate on Norwich''s assualt on the prem. This is what i think we need at the mo, he looks good when he comes on and scored a gud goal at old trafford and wud offer us more width, especially with jonson not proving his worth. Wot Ya''ll Think? Peace Out!
  6. Are you drunk, again? Wot are you tryin to tell us with that?
  7. after reading all this news that a player will under-go a medical tonight and will sign tomorrow (if all goes well!) what are chances of this player being good old linvoy! this might just be the reason he hasn''t signed this contract at pompy? OTBC
  8. Just heard that the pat man is lookin for a small club in the prem, with ambition. i know its a long shot, but worth a try huh? Wot do you lot think?
  9. You''ve got all wrong mate, if he was on loan to us "secretly" then why would he sign a new contract with us this morning?!
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