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  1. Bummer we lost, but it was a good performance. Hopefully we seww a few of them in the senior side in a few years to come.
  2. He's been one of our most loyal and top players in recent years. His experience should keep him in the team.
  3. Simeone Jackson took time to start scoring, and once he did he was on fire. Just give Josh more time.
  4. Should the club change the seating plan and make it so all areas of the ground remain silent during matches? I think we should do an "on the ball city" song every fifteen minutes, to replace the annoying chamnts that come from the Snake Pit end. I just don't enjoy how the Snake Pit and Barclay swear and get angry, making all Norwich fans seem angry. So by changing the seating plan, all areas opf the groubnd are silent, except when they play on the ball city every fiftteen minutes. I just think the Snake Pit ruin matches for everyone else.
  5. Hi all! My name is Paul and I joined this forum to post as few threads. here is one of them: Since the 1960s UEFA have imposed a rule that no football matches can be broadcast live on TV between 2:45 to 5:00 PM. This was because they were worried in would have an effect on match attendances and discourage people from going to matches. However, it's still in place, despite it being temporarily removed last season, it was brought back for this season. However, I think it's time this rule was removed. 1. Away fans are limited to small number of tickets like only 2,000-3,000 tickets on average. That is only a tiny number of fans who will get to see the match live. 2. Somne fans don't have enough money to buy tickets for every game, or can't travel easily. 3. Fans who can't go to football grounds because they are triggered by loud noices. It'sd unfair they have to miss out watching a match. 4. It would not effect attendances if this rule was removed. Do YouTube concert streams attend those attendances for concerts? No! What are your thoughts on this idea?
  6. I have a question, have you ever seen a footballer with the same name as you before? As for me, yes. I've seen a couple, one of which was quite famous. Got a few jokes from pals such as 'I didn't realise you were playing! What are you doing here?'
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