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  1. Anyone interested in an adult and under 8 ticket for QPR? Face value £29 for both (under 8s are free). pm me.
  2. "it was just his technique and crossing ability, or lack of, which let him down"Says it all for a professional footballer playing on the wing I thought at times he was embarrassing. Even Mark Rivers was better than him! Ok he put the effort in, but then so do I for my pub team, doesn''t make me any good!
  3. Was the best of the midfield yesterday. A majority of the Southampton attacks yesterday were downthe other flank. He played with an energy in the first half in particular that put the rest of the lads to shame. well derserved Mom in my opinion for a lad of 18. Support him for goodness sake!
  4. I actually like to see Holt taking to the ref. He plays with passion and attitude that we have missed for far too long. Iwan and Fleck did it too and I loved them for it. Too long we''ve just taken what we''ve been given. Nice Norwich. None of the players got booked so they didn''t overstep the mark. It''s part of the game that we''ve been naive to for far too long.
  5. Paving the way for a new striker come January? I think Lambert realizes that if Holt is crocked, our goals would dry up. Lee Barnard on the cheap? Seems to know where the net is this season and he looked half decent last night.
  6. I notice Beckford was absent from the starting line-up yesterday. Talk of him refusing a new contract so is he on his way in January? There are so many games left, it''s far from as clear cut as saying they will only lose three games. They haven''t played Southampton H & A who are certainly in a false position, They have us and Charlton away. The distraction of a possible Man Utd FA Cup tie. Their fans'' expectations… Plenty of twists and turns yet. I just don''t see why we should just settle for trying to catch Charlton. Aim for the top. I''m sure Lambert will be thinking the same and so he and the squad should be.
  7. Why can''t we catch Leeds as well? 10 points can easily be caught up as we are not even halfway through the season. If my memory serves me right, didn''t Wolves and Sheff United blow huge points lead in the Championship in recent years?
  8. Too late… he''s gone to Charlton on emergency loan.
  9. Yes, just got a terrace ticket for £20.
  10. When were Norwich ever a major force? I really do wonder about some of the people on this message board. I''d rather play passing football than neck-ache, crash and thunder football of Bolton or Blackburn. Hey, we should be a established Premiership club – let''s get a huge debt, splash wages on mediocre dross players, and bask in the glory of a 12th or 13th position … waiting until a rash of injuries plummet us into the division below and into financial meltdown. Alternatively we can be a club for the community, supported by the community, playing football in the right way and trying to establish ourselves through hard work, steady growth and prudent management.
  11. Blimey, if we go on what is said on fans'' messageboards, what the hell would they think of our team and the state of our club? Probably think we are in meltdown destined for relegation after six games! Pearce is a solid if unspectacular Premiership player, should do fine with us.
  12. Living near Charlton, Lisbie has been the target for the boo boys but the guy has rarely but fit or given a good run in the team. These are the same boo boys who have been calling for Curbishley to sling his hook!!!! Lisbie should feel at home at Carrow Road then ; ) Give the guy a chance, the one thing he does have is pace and he''s direct, if there''s one thing that frightens Championship defences it''s pace. A prudent loan deal if you ask me.
  13. I thought what he said was correct. None of the team on and off the pitch are performing to how we know they can and it''s up to them and the fans to stick together and back each other. We know the team will get better. I thought Fleming had a good game, Hucks looked dangerous and if anything Ashton was way below par. So let''s all hound Ashton, oh, and Leon cos he had a lousy game too!!! Alternatively we can all stick together support the team and management and we will get better! Exactly what Adams was saying. Some people on this board start panicking are a few poor performances which it could be argued we have had enough opportunities to win 10 games nevermind four. Answer: Sack Worthy!! It''s clueless after five games! Newcastle did just that last season and they looking even worse now!! Okay, sack Worthy, Tell me who you would get instead??? Who?? Terry Venables isn''t up to much or Ron Atkinson, perhaps Peter Reid. Pleease! If you advocate Worthy getting booted out and least have the sense or forethought to offer an alternative instead of the kneejerk, mindless posts that appear on here. Travelling back from the game fans were actually saying why didn''t we cash in on Ashton when we had the chance. Unbelievable!!!
  14. Why are people getting misty-eyed over Svensson? Limited player. He''s gone, move on. I doubt he would have any impact on the game yesterday other that be another target of the boo boys at the minute. Glad to see we are getting behind Leon in his bad patch. Or even Ashton come to that! Nice support lads.
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