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  1. I know this is rather "meaningless" game but have to say this is huge surprise. What do you think. Good if we give others a change but quite a change compared to Derby. Hope Ryan bags hat-trick.
  2. Hate to say this but gladly we only got 4 more games to go. This is absolutely shocking as it has been for SOME while. So no change in management this season and come august Worthington is still in charge. Preston are even not playing well yet they find themselves 2-0 up !!! Our board must be blind.
  3. Brighton down to ten men and all over us. Can''t believe this... . What I am waiting is this season to end asap.
  4. Couldn''t agree more but 3,5 million £ seems awfull lot of money for one player.
  5. If it goes like this we''re gonna concede soon. Come on boys !!!
  6. Yesss !!!! 1-2. Let''s JUST not throw it away. Come on lads.
  7. At least WLY scored. Now let''s go for them. We''re winning this.
  8. We''ve played just 15 mins, come on guys. Let''s build on that promising start.
  9. When I woke up today that was pretty much how I fell for tomorrows game. This is a MUST win game, then again many has been. Hopefully Deano will do the business today 1 - 3 to city.
  10. oh god................. He must have injury otherwise can''t see the point in it.
  11. Sad to say (and I''m not those Worthy Out boys) but he''s time seems to have been up for some while ago. We are so poor right now. Even draw now seems great result although I was predicting us to win, still possible though. Come in City !!
  12. We''re down and Nige is replacing Hucks with Jimbo, why not WLY ?
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