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  1. I have a ticket available now for tomorrow, obviously I only want one of our fans to get it, it''s for upper tier £50 face value. Please let me know if anyone interested,
  2. warehouse background, team leader , manager, I am bristol based !
  3. S 1LPN Simon lappin. Funnily enough I''ve just posted I need to sell mine , Y444RMY
  4. Hi all, I was made redundant 7 weeks ago, I don''t need the abuse about it only worth £10, I''m very reluctant to sell but I am interested in serious offers for it.
  5. Sports clobber have been excellent, I don''t feel guilty saving £30 for the sake of a badge, my lad loves his too, didn''t even ask about the badge http://sportsclobber.co.uk/team-wear/354-errea-andromeda-tracksuit-zipped-training-jacket.html
  6. They are the same colours, trust me , they look amazing
  7. I''ve just bought another 2 , I''ve gone for next size up, they are quality. I''m well happy with mine.
  8. I agree £50 + postage for a tracksuit top, dvd £19+£5 delivery is not being very loyal to me,
  9. Found these, ordered 2 and here in 2 days, they don''t have badge but a big saving . http://sportsclobber.co.uk/team-wear/354-errea-andromeda-tracksuit-zipped-training-jacket.html
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