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  1. As I pressed post it started!  Sorry to bother everyone
  2. Hi all In a shock move, Canaries Player isn''t working for me tonight!  Anybody having similar problems or actually listening to the game on it? Thanks all
  3. I have no issue with Canaries Player when it works, it''s just that having just renewed my subscription I was slightly frustrated that I couldn''t hear the Norfolk commentary when the Swansea one was working fine. And yes, we do all know where to watch live streaming but I disagree about the quality. It is at best poor as far as I can see, would rather listen to it on the radio and then watch highlights thanks.
  4. Is anybody else struggling to get Radio Norfolk commentary through Player?  I can listen to Swansea commentary but can''t get Norwich.  Another £35.99 well spent this season!
  5. I ordered a copy on the 26th July and it still has not arrived. It''s not much of a preview, i''ve only got a few hours left!  The money has been taken from my account.  Is anybody else still waiting for a copy to be delivered that they ordered from the link on the board? Cheers in advance
  6. Mines operational now, re-installed Adobe but not sure if that is what made it work or not. It is rubbish, can''t believe they can''t even be bothered to update the visuals when a sub is made!
  7. HELP PLEASE! Is anybody else struggling to get the commentary through the website on Canary Player? I''m getting a message saying Error No 12: Network Failure? Can anybody help? Cheers in advance
  8. Yep, me too.  Keeps sending me to AOL to search for Canaries Premium tv!!  It is shocking, last years was much better than this tat!
  9. I feel we are far to light weight in midfield.  I felt that Daley and Smith were knocked off the ball far to easily.  Partly it''s inexperience but it is also the league we find ourselves in.  I agree that the injuries didn''t help and I also agree that MK Dons battered there way to victory rather than played, but I struggled to find any positives from last night.  Particularly in the 2nd half it looked like our players had never met each other before, I can barely recall them stringing more than a couple of passes together and most frustratingly of all, on the odd occassion we had the ball in there half the midfield were strolling forwards showing frankly little interest.  I know it''s early days but i''m fearful for our chances.  If a couple of injuries have just a great effect on our performance and the team show little interest in September what is it going to be like in darkest December?
  10. Finally got audio commentary again, only missed all 3 goals.  Still, all about the result.  Enjoyed being really annoyed with crap service on Canary Player tonight slightly more than Saturday at Carrow Road!
  11. Mine was working fine then went off during half time and now nothing!  Pathetic that we pay good money for this, so much for new and improved, it worked fine last year and in fact I think the display and information was better.  Still, we seem to be winning without me listening so it''s a small price to pay!!
  12. I too was a big fan of Paul McVeigh, however, i''m not convinced signing him now is a good move.  He can not possibly be the player he was 5 or 6 years ago and I don''t think he will cut the fight in League 1.  Towards the end of his City career he really did let himself go; he couldn''t run and didn''t look remotely interested.  While he was on loan at Burnley I travelled to a midweek away game which he was injured for.  He came out of the tunnel below the Norwich fans suited and booted and received a great reception which he completely ignored!!!  I thought that was pretty low, to not even look at us or nod or clap back.    Even given that, I do remember the good times to which my heart says yes but my head says no.  It would have to be one hell of a resurrection of form to give it a go.  But his song was the best ever, only rivalled in my view my Yousef Safri''s ''Moroccan All Over The World''.
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