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  1. so with our display last night  i hear there was a day off today we alllllll need a day off watching that
  2. yes he is only out for two back to run the scum ragged and nice and fresh legs
  3. i find it hard to belive all those players out there and we cannot find someone to come in. worthy would of found some of the pressure lifted by showing some urgent action to lift the troops. now we have nothing same old faces who need to look hard at themselves and why they are so low in alllll departments this club is the best suppported club in the leauge. large following away mark my words as the weeks go on and the same shambles rolls out the gates will go down people will vote with there feet the board will listern then what a shambles
  4. taking aston off hes a joke no hucks no leaon no ashton no hope worthys  lost the plot
  5. he took aston off now for doc what the....? worthys lost it mateeeeeees
  6. Hi yeh,  My Misses took my son last thursday around about that time and you will see some of the training it finished about 12ish and they stop and sign shirts extra my son got most of the squad. Great few hours out to see what they do and have a nose at the cars they drive. They have lunch there and then go home.
  7. two points i suggest you sod off on your tractor and second everyone avoid this user he will get nothing from me binnners /scummers and xxxxxxx
  8. we caught wigan at the right time they cannot get good players in it looks a sign of panic buying in what they given us we win either way
  9. ashton was right then with the final price a good piece of dealing i say well  played worthy
  10. we sat in the upper n/a/p and i also was surprised there was a strip from box to the corner flag very poor i wonder if our dry weather is the cause
  11. quiet the opposite i think why have a player who on balance does not wish to be here. after the milan game even more so with the response he got he would not of forgotten that in a hurry. And it would of unsettled the team also so taking him out solves the problem . Now we have funds to build what worths wants at the back i would think 2 players will come in this week. Just the tonic for building up to next week
  12. well i for one think there is something going on .Looks like johnson could be on his way there seems little headway of new players coming in and time is running out what are we going to put out against inter no wonder tickets are slow who wants to go a sit there and watch us get stuffed. we need some body in we have funds but my god this must be one of the most uneventful pre seasons ever  it must be there hanging out for francis or greeno money well that may be to late
  13. would be intresting to have a poll on here as to what reasons people are not renewing there  season tickets to see if this is down to religation
  14. i must agree with wizz on this we payed him looked after him and now cause his numbers up with spen maybe he wants to bugger off. Well let him walk and keep on walking and keep someone else happy. On a bench even a park bench. onces he walks out of the door he is the one we have to stick them past . we have a good keeper in galliger he can do a half decent job with some proper defenders in front of him with greenos money and ashton will not go he owes us if we stay down let him go next year if he wants
  15. reading to comments in the rick w artical i think we are all barking up the wrong tree ashton ant going to ranger or anyone else nor leon let charlton have scums cast offs green and francis are the most likley to go have a look at the story in the pinkun
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