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  1. What everyone is saying is exactly right, so why is it that stops this process from hapening? I can fling pointless suspscions and theories around but i don''t know. What really needs to be done is to sort it out, and this is the problem because i feel worthington really had the right group of people at the right time and has ridden that wave since. He has gotten complacent, but its not too late to sort things, a policy of bringing youth developing as well as buying players with the bit of extra skill in the places we need, i.e not another ''engine'' or ''workhorse'' in the midfield. We all seem to know who needs to be bought, so lets hope it happens.
  2. Bougherra? hes played well, i think a good idea would be to cherrypick the players who have just gone down from prem and championship, and look for good, developable youngsters from lower leagues. This is where success can be gained. Imagine the money we''d have saved if Eastwood and Halford had come in earlier? Primus would be good, and with pompey''s money may be gettable. What do people think of Stearman? oh and Poom on a free if we sell Green?
  3. You just need to say who you think Norwich need, its what you want but probably more insightful if its realistic. mine is: Poom Lunt Novo chopra Koumas Halford Stearman Davenport maybe even Albrechsten and trying to get maybe a couple of young players in on loan and mingle them with our youth. And if i could have any manager it would be Curbs'' and thats not too unrealistic.
  4. I believe it depends who is signed: players of the same ilk as Koumas,Halford etc. then we have every chance. Given the right management. if we sign players like Robinson,hughes etc. like we did last year then top half will be a struggle. I have pages of players that could improve NCFC, but they''re not all british or scandanvian which is another problem, especailly as flair and a high level of technical skill is what we need. and if we go for new management why not go for a biggish name i.e Curbishley, but if that fails lets try younger managers, crook,bowen,mobrey!etc.
  5. Nikclas Bendtner arsenal youth striker.Poom?,Lunt, Bougherra, Shittu,Bircham, Stearman, Chopra, Flood, Eastwood, danns,Halford, koumas, liam lawrence, albrechsten, buzasky. maybe just anybody, that can play lovely football.
  6. Generally agree but would select Colin instead of Cave-Brown and McKenzie instead of Ryan Jarvis. Rossi & Ryan Jarvis should be amongst the subs as should Joe Lewis. Fleming has also played well enough in the right back position to be amongst the subs.
  7. I spoke to a friend who works and lives in Norwich but is a lifelong Palace supporter today. He was not scathing, did not laugh or poke fun, none of which is like him. When I asked him if City played as bad as the commentary suggested he made just one comment, ''You don''t have a team mate'' Sadly I think he''s right.
  8. Don''t forget Bentley was playing in his beloved Premiership and for the most part Norwich played pretty well, if not particularly exciting. Marney on the other hand, came into a relegated team that began the season playing averagely and then got worse, and worse, and worse.
  9. Interestingly Kris I also heard the same rumour - that we have agreed to sign him at the end of the season - my source (someone from local press but not sports) suggested £500K down rising to £1.5M. Mind you he was somewhat inebriated when he told me which is why I did not post the ''info''. Still, it makes one think.....................
  10. So perhaps that is why Hughes is being picked and Etuhu isn''t - more effort even if less talented. Etuhu is languishing in the reserves - it''s down to him to either fight his way into contention (''cos he does have the talent Paul) or to take his money and do nothing. If the latter happens don''t expect to see him next season. The same also applies to JJ (who by all accounts played well against Chelski last night).
  11. David Ginola - during a pre-season friendly with Spurs he was facing the City stand (back to the play) right on the touchline with 2 City players behind him. In one move he somehow contrived to spin, break between both players and send a swerving, dipping shot inches over the bar - brilliant! Eric Cantona in Gunny''s testimonial - the man was four passes ahead of EVERYONE on the pitch and seemed to have a forcefield surrounding him ''cos no-one got near him to even attempt a tackle.
  12. Any good right wingers you could send our way? Glad the footballing family still exists.
  13. Steve Gedge in today''s EDP, "In 1982 City gained promotion with 10 wins from their last two games" Oh for matches like that now................!
  14. And another product of their ''investment in youth'' policy scored his first goal during the week. I don''t think we can be too smug. Mind you I can''t say that a smile didn''t drift across my face when the results came through....................
  15. It''s quite sad that your first thought appears to ''get back'' at the ''moaners'' Dicky. Many of these posters have also commented on the better performance and the supporters are still the best in the division (another full house I gather). It has also been noticeable that during the previous dire performances you have been very, very quiet. I am sure there are many, including myself, who would be only too willing to eat humble pie should Worthington motivate the team to go on a winning run resulting in a trip to the wonderful Millenium Stadium. The fact remains that based on the last 18 months City are not playing the assertive, attacking football that is required to succeed, whether at Championship level or in the Premiership. No amount of your Squit can disguise this. And before you slag off ''moaners who don''t actually go to games'' there are many of us who are desperate to get any kind of a ticket. I had to relinquish my season ticket three years ago due to work committments (I could not afford around £400 to attend four games) and as a consequence neither myself or my two sons have been able to watch maore than a couple of games a season since then.
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