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  1. If Foley''s sacking was done to try to placate the fans, then I''m sorry, but it will have little or no effect. I can''t recall too many chants of Foley out! last season, can you? Maybe it is the 1st in a series of sackings to include the worst culprit, Worthless himself - but I won''t hold my breath!
  2. I don''t expect people to miss games entirely, but how about leaving at half time if the Canaries are putting in yet another dismal lacklustre performance?
  3. Worthless will almost certainly still be in charge next season. If his team is still playing dire football and languishing in the lower reaches of the table after a few games, how do we ensure he is removed from his seat without undue delay? Apart from repeated loud chants of "Worthy Out!", how about leaving the ground at half time (to avoid upsetting any punter who wishes to stay and watch the match), or arrive at half time? This may be unworkable as not enough people would take part, but wouldn''t it be a great way of showing the board our "true" feelings towards the man if the ground was half empty for the start of the 2nd half?
  4. It''s that time of the day where I feel like a resurrection. Sack the fool!
  5. Has he definitely left Archant then? He hasn''t just gone away on holiday, or is off sick or something silly like that?
  6. Trot off back to that BOG also known as Poorman Road, Bruce.
  7. It''s high time the board woke up and realised NCFC are going nowhere whilst the clueless one stays in charge. My initial post was prompted by the fact that Burley was one of the nominees for April''s manager of the month - I smiled to myself and thought Mr Worthlesston is unlikely to be in contention for that award for some time!
  8. I notice that the results have improved considerably in recent weeks at Southampton. Anything to do with George Burley perchance?  I for one would have liked him to see him replace Worthless, but sadly it would seem we are stuck with the useless twerp until such times as the money has all gone and we are playing lovely hoofball and going nowhere in League One. What''s the betting that Southampton finish above us next season?
  9. First game: Norwich 0  Newcastle Utd 1 in Feb 1973 Best season: The 2003/4 promotion season without a doubt. We played some exciting football at times and the crowds generated a tremendous atmosphere in most games. View of NW: He gave us good times for 2 or 3 seasons, but he seems to have lost the plot now, so it''s time to wish him well and say goodbye I''m afraid.
  10. It''s almost disappointing if there''s no crazy rant from the Wizard.
  11. Well done Worthless. I had a suspicion that your unduly optimistic pre-match predictions would turn out, yet again, to be no more than empty words! Please, please, please - just * off!
  12. Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself, so goes the old saying. I think Worthless has hung himself with that appalingly tactless remark about the true supporters staying behind. It''s high time for the board to do the right thing and take the axe to this witless, clueless man and his equally inept sidekicks.
  13. Time for Foley to follow his true vocation - a deckchair attendant on Clacton beach. Livermore could be a warm-up man at one of those "gentlemens evenings" with his sparkling scouse wit, and I''m sure Worthless could find a job on the bins. All 3 of them have proved beyond reasonable doubt, that they are no darn good when it comes to all things football anyway. Farewell to the 3 wise monkeys!
  14. You miss my point, General. I don''t doubt his determination to win, I just doubt his ability or tactical nous to bring about a positive result without relying on Dame Fortune, that''s all.
  15. Today''s Sunday Mirror seems convinced that he will be taking over the hot-seat at Villa. They say it''s a certainty that there will be a vacancy there this summer. I would have thought for him to resign as he has done he must have something already lined up.
  16. You''d think that a footballer would be able to afford a decent coiffure at least once a year - if not more frequently than that!
  17. My word! will we actually see some positive attacking football from the start for a change tomorrow? Or perhaps he forsees a fortuitous ground out victory similar to the QPR game. Maybe the tactical genius really does have a game plan for tomorrow. It could be that we will be treated to some exciting slick passing football tomorrow - or maybe I am only dreaming.
  18. Richard Balls, Kevin Piper and Steve Gedge are obvious Worthy Outers, but I just wonder how many of the rest are. Waghorn has been sitting on the fence so long that he has splinters in his posterior. Chris Goreham is most probably in the WO camp as well. It would be interesting to know how many of the local media would positively back Worthless now. Who would you all identify as WO or KTF amongst the press and TV sports reporters?
  19.  There shouldn''t be any safety issues with the building of the hotel because there doesn''t appear to be any construction work going on on match days. On a trivial note, these 3 or 4 matches with considerably less than capacity crowds, mean that we will be pushed into 2nd place behind Sheffield Wednesday in the attendance table this season.
  20. Sounds complete tosh to me. Why make the effort to go into a two goal lead? Surely the team (QPR) would just play pretty patterns around the field, and whenever they reached anywhere near the opposition''s penalty box they would misplace the final ball (just like a lot of teams do anyway!). Then to help make the whole exercise look a bit more realistic, ensure that whenever they shoot at goal, be certain to shoot wide (again, most teams do this without trying!). No, if you were trying to deliberately lose a game, it would be somewhat risky to leave it until the 77th minute to allow your opponents to reduce the deficit. I rest my case, M'' Lud!
  21. Why has the club in its infinite wisdom, decided to leave a large block of seats in the away section of the Jarrold Stand empty for the last couple of games? I''m not referring to the obviously sensible practice of leaving a section of seating unused to facilitate segregation. No, these empty seats are the other end of the away section at the point nearest to the Barclay Stand. A friend of mine had a theory that it was as a direct result of trouble at the Stoke game, where some of their hooligan element were throwing missiles at the Barclay boys. If this is the reason, what a ludicrous overreaction! This seems stupid when up to a thousand City fans are still trying to buy tickets for these matches. Any suggestions, anybody?
  22. I hope it''s correct. This would be very good business for NCFC.
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