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  1. I pay by Direct Debit but as yet have heard nothing from the club about reducing my monthly payment. I thought i was going to get a cheque from the club.
  2. I took no risk, thats why I claimed my money back. What i am saying is that I have still not received my rebate which i would like to spend, I think the club has had long enough to sort out the rebates. By the way I think that Holt is a great signing.
  3. So Bryan Gunn has used the rebate money waived by season ticket holders to buy Grant Holt. Perhaps the club would like to give me my £73 rebate back asap so I can also spend mine!
  4. Get your facts right the Liverpool fans were let in by the Police when they arrived late for the game. Yes some of them probably did not have tickets, but they did not Force their way in. Are you saying our fans turning up for todays match without a ticket would not try and get in if the gates were opened to let fans in. Oh of course not, get real.
  5. I agree with what you are saying, but why write to the EDP? why not write to NCFC and let them know how you feel and ask them for a refund. Good luck!
  6. Of course its Roeders fault he have bought the crap. How much money has he spent on strikers? not one of them can score a goal between them. The man has not got a clue, ask the fans of the other clubs he messed up.
  7. At least this time he did not mention how many points we had when he took over!
  8. Have now moved from N & P to Jarrold Stand Area J  Whats the atmosphere like there? as there was not any in the N & P
  9. Having this week had a recorded phone call from Darren Huckerby about the Greatest Ever Event on my mobile i was wondering how much this has cost the club to make these thousands of calls. Would this money be better spent elsewhere?  as we are forever being told that we do not have a huge pot of gold to spend! Hope we put one over the scum today as i will be spending alot more time with Ipswich fans over the next few days as my daughter who unfortunately lives in Ipswich is about to give birth to my first grandchild, all of her partners family are town fans and i would like to have the last laugh!   Come On City
  10. What I cant believe is the further loan of 1.3m  taken out to refurbish offices in the Jarrold stand.  Whats that all about? the stand is only about 4 years old and we are already taken out loans to improve it. No wonder we have no money.
  11. Made me laugh the link on the NCFC website for Canaries world it say''s sign up and start enjoying the action Thats a laugh we have not seen any action for the last 3 years, can the club be done under the trades description act? Did anyone get the email last week from the club advertising the Nor v Sheff Wed game TOTAL COST £850 + vat what a joke I am a season ticket holder but will not be going on saturday, I am painting at home & would rather watch the gloss dry.
  12. Doncaster keep telling us that our club is ambitious and reminding us of the players we have brought in over the last few weeks.  I dont think we have  strengthened the squad, all we have done is replaced the players that have either been sold or released. Our squad is no bigger or stronger than last season. Lets just hope the results are better!
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