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  1.  game shown by sky have to be annouced by next thursday for games upto the end of november.
  2. [quote user="barclaystand"]Just listened on iplayer, can sum it up in one word.... Brilliant! If you haven''t listened yet, do it! [/quote]   it''s a pity the show wasn''t a hour long special. still brilliant. otbc
  3. just looked at my online banking £90 have came out but not showing on my statement yet so fingers cross.
  4. [quote user=".takecare."]Anyone heard anything on this? When will we know by?[/quote]   on the offical site it say you should know by 28/04/12
  5. i contracted the city with the same question they said it''s closed this week to the public
  6. [quote user="CarCol Canary"]Have two Pompey vouchers from the game on Sat. PM details if you want them, fcfs.[/quote] i have pm you mate.
  7. i just sent a email to the ticket office and found out i have been successful. looked on my online banking and payment haven''t showing up yet. otbc
  8. i think the first leg is the 11th may and the second leg on the 18th may both wednesday night games. the date were in the programme on saturday. but i haven''t got it to hand. otbc
  9. leeds tickets on sale for super members from the 18th october and the ipswich game from the 1st november.
  10. sanders coaches phone number is 01263 712800
  11. i don''t think you can buy singles tickets
  12. [quote user="norfolk_canary"]anyone know how many tickets are left?[/quote] 400 on sale from saturday
  13. [quote user="slackey"]can i have the link too please.[/quote] cheers
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