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  1. green command his area? i cant remember seeing him claim a corner or cross since the promotion year. he is overated and should have gone last season. i was sure that he was leaving before this injury but now im not. it will have serious implications on the ammount we get from his transfer and who will want him which is bad for both the club and green.
  2. recently mine would have to be beating preston at home 3-2 or maybe beating wallsall 5-0. Was a 90 minute long carnival on both occasions. then again beating birmingham 1-0 at home, everyone thought we were going to stay up.
  3. his inclusion may make his transfer value go up. hes going to leave us i think.
  4. the KTF brigade really have made themselves look foolish, resorting to petty name calling. if worthless is still here next season i will go and throw my ticket at him, i dont know how you can possibly find anything posotive about worthless. If he had played charlton in the midfield on the odd occasion and it had worked he would have been called a tactcial genius but seeing as he plays charton there and only there ahead of actual midfielders just shows that he is a clown. Going on to youth, the only reason shackell got a chance was because one of the "first team" centre backs was injured or when he tries to appease the fans by throwing jarvis on when we are already 4-0 down. To conclude, this manager is a clown, i have never understood his tactical decisions and never will, even in the playoff final, bringing on sutch at a late stage in the game led to Birmingham equalising almost instantly.
  5. he is class and i would love it if he comes, but i doubt he will.
  6. did anyone ever see jonson go past any opposition on the wing? he was average to say the least but then again so is this league.
  7. i''d like to put my name into the hat as i have just won the uefa cup with norwich and am currently 1st in the premier league.
  8. etuhu is a quality player, those of you that were at the leicester away game will have seen what he is capable of.
  9. kenton was very good in his last season. i remeber massive chants of "YOU''L NEVER BEAT THE KENTON" at coventry.
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