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  1. This is my big fear, that the clueless muppet who is N Worthless is given the chance to misuse yet more precious transfer funds. We could be in dire straits if this man is still in charge come August. Be afraid! Be very afraid!
  2. Nigel Worthington, you are the weakest link - Goodbye!
  3. Has Fleming scored an own goal yet? Have we had any shots on target on Preston''s goal yet?
  4. What a complete shower! Still, this all helps the push to hoof Worthless out. Come on boys! Lose all the remaining games this season and help to sack this boring useless manager
  5. He doesn''t seem to have any fear of returning to Deepdale which is a little bit surprising considering the reception he is likely to face. This is Dickson''s big opportunity to show us all what he is about, to try to prove he''s worth the best part of half a million pounds. If he messes up, will he be given many more chances by Worthless?
  6. I struggled a little bit again - although 8 of the names came to me almost straight away. I had to cheat in the end with the 7 letter midfielder - then I kicked myself, as he seemed so obvious in hindsight! I was quite pleased to work out 10 of the players unaided, though.
  7. I wonder if Darren is as sick and tired of the Worthless one as the majority of the fans are. If I was Hucks I''d be saying, why don''t you try to do your job properly you W!"*er, before you start to lecture me about my conduct.
  8. Your little ditty is very good, Rudolph. It would be good if the snake pit and Barclay could adopt it as their anthem.
  9. I agree with you 100%, Duke. There''s one consolation though, I think the natives will start to get a wee bit restless if the useless one is still in charge next season, especially if we start seeing the same old ugly hoofball that we have been "enjoying" of late. I''m beginning to run out of words in my limited vocabulary, to express how desperately I desire a change of manager. Unfortunately, the team are poor, but not poor enough to force changes. We probably need to lose all the remaining games and then the board might feel compelled to take the axe to Worthless.
  10. It would appear he has little time for training or any of his other managerial duties as well.
  11. Fulham away last year was shockingly bad - an unforgiveable non performance. One of the most important games in the history of NCFC and what do the players do? They don''t turn up. To my mind Worthless and the 2 numpties who "assist" him should have been sacked on the spot, for this game alone. But no, they are still here, still muddling along, with a spot of hoofball thrown in to help keep us all entertained. Marvellous!
  12. Surely it makes more sense to hoof out the hoofball hombre. I like the sound of that - it''s quite pithy!
  13. I found this the most difficult team to name so far. Six of the team I found straight away, then after a bit of juggling the rest fell into place.
  14. Mr D has seen the futility of the long ball tactic, but I wonder how long it will take for the master tactician himself to cotton on? Do you think the two "coaches" who ably assist him, actually do anything for their wedge?
  15. Now is the right time to protest. Have him removed from office before the end of this dire season, and then the board have plenty of time to find a new manager before the new season begins. Delay the process too long and then you might as well right off next season as well! Would you trust the buffoon with any more precious transfer funds? No, nor would I. NOW is the right time to kick the dipstick out! NCFC have just lost to a hopeless team with a record of six successive defeats - what could Worthless possibly say in defence of this desperate result?
  16. Pete, who were the 3 players in the previous line up that you had never heard of?
  17. Done it! The only position I struggled a little bit with was the RB. Wasn''t he normally a CB?
  18. Following on from what Saint Canary said, I would have loved to have seen Ron Davies in action as well. Other players I would have liked to have seen were Percy Varco, Terry Allcock and Johnny Gavin, although I believe Johnny was a winger, so strictly speaking he doesn''t count. If I could go back in time in a Time Machine, one of my requests would be to visit The Nest to see Varco scoring in front of a full house of loudly cheering City fans. On The Ball City!
  19. With all this mourning the loss of Ashton from our team, I thought it would be as good a time as any to resurrect this question. I have only been attending games at Carrow Road since 1983 so I have to omit several extremely talented Norwich players from the equation, but my favourite has to be Robert Fleck. Honourable mentions go to Kevin Drinkell, Chris Sutton, Iwan Roberts and Craig Bellamy. Hopefully Earnie will prove to be one of City''s better buys, but only time will tell. I''m forgetting Ashton altogether because of his total lack of passion. What do others think?
  20. So was the left striker. The other striker was one of the best I''ve seen playing in yellow and green. He was also a fantastic bargain at something like £100,000 from Grimsby.
  21. Stevie looked a bit as though he wanted to have a good blub at times last night. How the mighty have fallen!
  22. Hasn''t the c&*£ been in the game long enough to realise that the winner of a football match is the side that puts the ball into the onion bag more times than their opponents. It matters not one jot, how prettily you play, how much possession you have or how many corners you gain, all these count for nothing in the final result. The man is just a childish dickhead, and it''s high time he grew up and learned to accept defeat in a gracious adult manner. Sorry Colin, but your nickname could not be more apposite. I look forward to watching City do the double over your crappy team again next year.
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