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  1. It could work,but unlikely. What we need is someone who the players are a bit scared of, Chris Hughton in his match day Tank top and matching tie just didn''t cut it for me! Big Sam for me, from memory he''s never been relegated from the Prem. Not the prettiest football i grant you, but would get us up and keep us there
  2. Yep still here, i look in everyday but don''t post because of the idiotic posters that that could start a fight in an empty room, and have their fan club meetings in a phonebox.
  3. he''s got everything that any top class striker would need... aprt from a decent team to play in of course :D
  4. Remember Ian Wright? well he was a hod carrier on a building site. did''nt stop him scoring loads of goals for Arsenal or England. Give the Lad a chance
  5. Why the pessimism, Its only Reading? be positive only a few years ago we would not be worried going to Reading, if they were that good they would be still in the prem. anyone can beat anyone in this league.[:)]
  6. Fash against Liverpool absolute cracker, it won goal of the season as well. Marc Libbra''s Goal Against Man city anyone remember that?
  7. Captn,  I too thought the same only last week when i was watching it with my boy. the similarity is quite uncanny, Smithers like doncaster are both yes men. Ps Pete i have changed my user name?
  8. I have been a fan since september 1977 My Dad was taking us on holiday on the broads  (which i still do, going in october and can''t wait) and we were driving past Carrow rd , the City stand was a bit of a cowshed back then! anyway as we were driving past the ball comes over the stand and clobbers Dad''s Austin A40 I asked him what football team played there and he the "Canaries" son Best team in the world so like the mug that i was  i have followed them ever since. i could not imagine supporting another team it would not be right.  i am busy brainwashing my 5year old son now i have told him that if your name is on the wall of a certain club thats who you support. when my wife was pregnant in 2003 we knew it was a boy  and we knew what his name would be so i had it put on a brick thats bulit into the Jarrold stand. So i have taken him to show him his name. His grandad is trying to get him to support the Gooners But is his not for turning he tells grandad "Arsenal are rubbish" then keeps chanting on the ball city never mind the danger not bad for a 5 year old.
  9. First season of the premiership at Highbury with 10mins left to play Arsenal 2 Norwich City 0 Final score Arsenal 2 Norwich City 4 1 for Gary Megson And a Hatrick for Mark Robins You don''t forget Moments like this. I was in My girlfriends House (now my wife) and the whole lot of them where Arsenal fans. (managed to convert the missus to city in the end though) i Harped on for days Loved it!
  10. Same way we always beat them?  2-0
  11. Love the optimism keep it up .   We are going to beat the scum Come On U Yella''s
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