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  1. They had a board meeting on the 06/09/05 & the shareholders were told that the club is £33m in debt. They are paying £1.5m per year in interest to Norwich Union & it is likely the £28m capital owed to NU will never be paid. This figure doesn''t include the CVA agreement which must be a few million more debt. They are also charging the sad little fans £2.70 for a can of LIDL premium beer & their poor little fans are getting all irate about it. Sounds like they are going to have many more years of pain.
  2. Shown by 2 very elderly gentlemen at Watford, they both had walking sticks & great difficulty in getting to their seats but showed much determination in following their beloved Canaries. I felt for these 2 men who clearly in ill health were not going to stop following the club, I wish the players & managers could have seen the effort, dedication & attitude these 2-men showed & how they were never goint to be beaten. Lets follow their lead & really get behing the club again to drive us up the table.
  3. I think the Board were right to back the manager when we got relegated, the problem is he has brought in good players this season to an already good squad but doesn''t know his best team. Tactics are poor and our set pieces are dreadful because we are quite a big side but are incapable of delivering good balls into the box. The board have given the manager the tools to do the job & up to know he''s failed. The board will come in for stick only if performances (and lets not forget reults) don''t improve & they bury their heads in the sand and do nothing. This manager has had the biggest resource the club has ever entrusted to any 1 manager & can only go by his advice & actions I don''t really know what more they could do cause they could not have predicted such a poor start to the season.
  4. Ashton is a striker who needs good service, unfortunately we are a team who can''t even take corners what chance does he stand.
  5. I would like to see a 3-5-2 Green Drury          Left Centre Half Davenport   Middle Centre Half Shackell      Right Centre Half Colin           Right Wing Back Brennan       Left Wing back Hughes        Left Centre Midfield Safri            Centre midfield Huckerby      Completely free role McVeigh Ashton   Subs The Doc, Lisbie, Marney, Ward, Fleming
  6. would still be in a job after winning 8 league matches out of 45 & during the same period losing 23 more than a 1/2 loss record. I don''t think any other club would put up with this record why should we.
  7. Safri & Marney having a competition to see who could go longest without touching the ball Brennan playing like a player who new it was his last game for a while Docherty on as right back for last 10 minutes Deano for much of his time playing as a right winger cause we didn'' have one & trying to lump balls into an area he should have been. Shackell being taken off when Flem was the one struggling. Our inability to wear the right boots & we kept slipping over. McVeigh being dropped after a great performance Saturday. Apart from that me & my son had a wonderful evening.
  8. I apologise if I put my point nastily, but I just don''t see the point of criticising Flem for the sake of it. I wanted him out of the team last year cause I felt he was weak but at this level he''s fine & is a good rock to have. I am delighted with the signing of Davenport & potentially Shacks & Davenport could be great, but just for the time being I would be loathe to drop Flem.
  9. You lot a so blind, Fleming has been easily the best defender so far this season & Shackell has found it tough going. Teams are putting a battering ram on Shacks every week to play on his inexperience & to be fair he has stood up quite well in what is a steep learning curve. Flem has done nothing wrong but yet again we have to have a fall guy if Flem was not in the team it would be someone else to criticise. If the season stopped today Fleming would be my player of the season.
  10. I must say if he''s injury prone before he joins us once Worthy has finished with him he will soon have sore hamstrings & mucsle injuries like the rest of the crew, right 1000 laps of colney today lads & then Tuesday you will be able to run & run & our fitness will tell.
  11. What a top programme much better than ''''They think its all over'''' top stars on a local TV show. Who is the host Kevin Day anybody ever seen or heard of him before? I would call him Hadhis Day (IF HE EVER DID). The cheer leaders are good & very professional does anyone know who they are?
  12. I think he will be a good signing scores some cracking goals, fast & direct.
  13. Zipper your call is correct, My heart sank when I 1st heard we tried to sign him last week. Another player who plays in different positions but does neither very well, might as well stick with the Doc.
  14. You see out football team takes the pride of place as we are champions in the promotion race, singing the Norwich City calypso. Yep I have it.
  15. Dad took me for the first time in about 1968/69 I beleive we beat Blackburn 2-0 & some poor old boy had a heart attack right next to us & they tried bringing him round with smelling salts. I then went on to watch the First team, reserves, A Team & then youths as I grew up. Norwich mad have a room in my house dedicated to memorabelia with Auctioned shirts etc. My 11 & 7 year old boys are following in my footsteps & wife goes as well.
  16. Looks like Mackenzie is out for 2-3 Weeks after injuring his ankle in training this morning, is it time to give Iwan 50 minutes? I can''t beleive how things are going this season truly unbeleivable.
  17. Many things unfortunately to many mixed messages to the players Robert Green Probably still wants away & who can blame him Jurgen Colin Attacking Full back not allowed to cross the half way line Flem Gets stick form fans for breathing Shacks Learning & probably feeling the pressure of a young player in a struggling side. Simon Charlton Centre back, right back, centre midfield, left midfield,left back ( what am I) Dean Marney Right wing, centre midfield where should I play next Safri No pre season but coming into form Hucks Just simply frustrated by the inability of the rest of the midfield to contribute anything going forward. Jimmy B Finally getting a deserved & proper run but still a left back Deano No pre season & not full fit to much transfer speculation Leon £2M For a forward to replace me my confidence must be low & the fans are starting to turn. McVeigh Last time I looked I was on the transfer list but everythings ok again. The Doc The Fans hated me before I joined & they hate me even more know, although I have never played in my proper position for any length of time. Andy Hughes Given no chance by the fans lambasted on this board after 1 game IMO looks a good player but then gets injured. Adam Drury Injured but on road to recovery Jason Jarrett Can''t get fit In all out of these players listed above 11 have had muscle injuries picked up during pre season & since, reason lets run them into the ground to get them fit we will worry about our so called passing game when the season starts. This is the situation so its game on the situation is that the board and the fans are behind me everyone behind the scenes are working there socks off we ill do whats right in the best interest of the Football Club, thats the situation & I cant fault anyone so its game on. Oh & I talk rubbish in post match interviews & I am extremely negative. Apart from that I quite like Mr Worthington. All of these things means the togetherness that once existed is dead in the water, & players we admired & looked up to like Malky & Iwan have rightly gone but they have not been replace with characters in our team who we can look up to & as someone said on another post no leaders. I have never liked Worthington but I have admired his way of doing things to bring success bit I always new the fans would turn on him once things went bad. Furthermore even before a ball was kicked this season the fans on messageboards & at the ground have been absolute rubbish on a par with the scum. This post really saddens me its just the way it is at the moment & I feel unlikely to change in the near future.
  18. The thread is irrelevant as he has a massive contract & the Board can''t afford to get rid. Its as simple as that unless we use our transfer kitty to pay him off.
  19. I would bring back Duncan Forbes & Graham Paddon as well & thats all our problems solved.
  20. Celia have you got any good horse racing tips if you are aways ahead of the game?
  21. Or does The Pink Un posting time always shows a posting time a few minutes ahead of the actual time.  Or are our phone & PC systems in need of a time change.
  22. Good for you it''s nice to see positive comments, I think we have certain things to improve on but we are not conceding many goals & once our players start to gel we will be OK . Obviously like everyone I would like to see a couple of quality additions but I fear we may have to patient for a few more days before anyone else joins us. Come on the City lets show the moaners.
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