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  1. I remember when he signed for west brom and there were lots of people saying that for all his little pieces of skill and all, the rest of the time he was a bit light weight and inconsistent.  I doubt Worthy would want him as i don''t think he''s a hard worker and i wouldn''t be too bothered if we didn''t go for him.
  2. On the Norwich section on the bbc website it says that Barnsley have been looking at Shackell as a transfer target!  Surely if they are they could only be looking to loan him as i would have thought that if he leaves Norwich he would be looking for a step up.
  3. Further to all the posts i have been reading i would like to put forward some other points against worthy that i have heard from inside the club and from the media that no one seems to have mentioned: Worthy and Delia have fallen out after Worthy ran her dog down in his people carrier.The board want to hold on to Worthy as Huckerby has it in his contract that he is allowed to leave if Worthy does.Worthy refuses to let Ashton do group shooting practice as he does not want him to get over confident.From skysports.com: ''Norwich boss Nigel Worthington is taking his players on a week long holiday to Spain.  The December break for the City players has, however, an unexpected twist - it is to be held at Malaga Wildlife Preserve.  The idea thought up by Worthingtons wife of fifteen years, Barbara, is to improve his players physical attributes.  When quizzed about the trip on the Soccer AM show on Sky Sports 1 Worthington refused to comment, but inside knowledge obtained by Sky Sports suggest that the players could carry out sprint training with antelope and heading practice with wallabies.  It is understood that the Norwich boss has much time for experimenting with nature after his time at Blackpool and feels the break could spring board his side up the Championship.  The visit is to be funded by Shareholders and as of yet, a specific date has not been set.  It is rumoured though that the tour will take place before the Sheffield United game towards the end of December.I couldn''t believe what i read on skysports! Surely this must be the final straw!
  4. Wow! I''m surprised so many people have heard of it! My email is r_yarnall@hotmail.com for anyone willing to mail it to me. Cheers everyone for your help
  5. Oh well looks like only on lp.  Think the club should release it again as we head on probably another successful cup run I''ve hear the b-side to the single as well but that was straight after the norwich city calypso and so i dont think it could compare!! Cheers for the replies anyways!
  6. Hi everyone, I have a strange request. The other day driving home to norfolk my mate played me a song called the norwich city calypso which i thought was great in a weird way. Has anyone got a copy (or for that fact even heard of it!)as my mate only has it on tape and i can''t copy it.
  7. Please, please can people stop looking down and start looking at the positives!! All this talk on here and the 606 board is not good for our health! Malky Mackay - A legend but surely everone is just clutching at straws thinking he would make a difference.  His organisational skills are great but is far too slow and clumsy and wouldn''t help our goals against column.  Doherty - is doing a good job i believe in general and with Shackell or preferably charlton (for organising) along side him I think we would perform much better.Worthington - He really is rubbish isnt he. I mean taking a club near the bottom of the championship, going no where fast, turning them into title winners in around 3 years, luring the likes of huckerby and ashton to the club. Ok i admit he hasn''t always made the correct tactical decisions but at least he gives things a go and i believe we would be in a far worse position if he were to go.  For those doubting his transfer skills in getting the likes of briggs, heckingbottom and easton, just remember how long ago they were and who else he has brought in mainly just in time for xmas!!Ashton - Ok to be honest i havent seen a great deal of him, but as Saint Canary said he is only 21 first time away from home, first time in premiership, he is bound to need time to settle in.  It maybe that he doesnt show his true colours till next season when you may say its too late, but when else were we going to sign a player with such potential and a goal scoring record?January transfers - Just a question, What proven PL goalscorer could we of bought or loaned?   They not called Proven goalscorers for nothing and so are not going to be just given awayPlease, please remember the teams we are up again each week have spent miles more cash than us in their long stays in the PL and we are where everyone expected us to be.How many times have people suggested something on this board which worthy as ended up doing, it then fails and people start up new posts saying what was Worthy doing?  I agree that perhaps our coaching could do with improvements, after all you mave up a league and get better players why not coaches but i dont know enough so ill leave that to the club. Anyway rant over , sorry and enjoy your day!
  8. I think this may help to clarify   http://www.uefa.com/uefa/news/Kind=16384/newsId=141937.html   PS. Yorkcanary - sounds like you''re in the best place apart from norfolk to be a canary from where im sitting!!
  9. Not really fully on the posted topic but just saw this on Chris Kamara''s Review of 2004 on sky sports site. Thought it was quite interesting saying his strengths and weaknesses     "Dean Ashton scored 20 goals last season and has already scored 19 in all competitions this campaign. I have had a few Premiership managers asking after Ashton and they all seem to have the same consensus: there is no question about his ability or finishing, but there are doubts about his work rate and his commitment to the team. Personally I put that down to his age. He is only young and he is still learning, maturing and improving all the time. Ashton is not just a goal scorer, he is also very good at making himself a nuisance and, with the right education, he could become the complete striker. It is testament to his talent that he has scored so many goals in the team he is playing in."
  10. How about Cottee.  He was prolific in his career but couldnt score an open goal from 3 yards for Norwich before having the cheek to say a couple of years ago that norwich had never found a goalscorer to replace him since he left!!  
  11. If new people are making posts then i''ll jump in as well. I haven''t seen anything of this Boyd and i must admit i''m holding out for someone like Ashton, but Stead has performed for blackburn when theyve created chances for him so maybe Boyd could do a similar task for Norwich.  Would be a slight gamble though but what are the other options apart from a gamble for less then 2M.  I think leons movement at the moment though is decent and he deserves a run in the 1st team. Lets hope he knocks a few in!
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