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  1. Hes a good player, too good for the Championship, but we need midfielders and defenders first!
  2. Love - Huckerby, Michael Owen, Ashton, Gerrard, "Ian, WrightWright Wright", Delia  Hate - Robben, Lehmann, Bywater, Leeds Utd,  
  3. There were indeed times last season when Dickson Etuhu looked like a player worth a lot more than £1.5m, although we all know that there were also times when he played like a £1.50 player. There is the question that would Dickson have originally signed for Norwich City without the agreed £1.5m release cause in his contract, who knows...In my opinion though this amount is a very fair true assessment (not when compared with today''s market though: £5m for Chopra and £5m+ for Koumas, both failures in the prem) on Dickson''s ability. Still, it is clear mis-managment to allow for us a release cause to be put into place, had it not have existed we would have been able to negiotate a much better price/deal. I believe that we will miss Etuhu, the Chelsea, Ipswich, and Cardiff Dickson Etuhu that is. Although with the £1.5m plus that we have availble to us, we can find a much more conisistant replacement (on top of the CB we need). I feel that Dickson definetly had the potential to prove his critics wrong this season, potentially stearing Norwich to promotion, in a way if he leaves it will feel like he still has unfinished business here. At the moment IMO he is not premiership quality, and will struggle to establish himself in any winning and successful Sunderland team, maybe he''ll learn a thing or two off of Roy Keane though. Good luck to you, Dicko! I for one will NOT be joining you, Arthur or anyone else on protesting against the board, although if Mr Super Darren Huckerby is allowed to leave that will be a different matter!!
  4. Very boring, but J.P are simply my initials.
  5. Im 17 years old and currently a student at Paston College. In September Im off to sunny Bouremouth University, to study a degree in Sports Coaching. So who knows maybe one day i''ll be coaching the Norwich stars of the future! :) Good to see an encouraging responce to this topic.
  6. I agree, I hope Hughes stays. He put in a number of impressive performance last season, e.g. against Ipswich at home and Chelsea away. I think we''re all in agreement that he isnt good enough to be apart of a promotion winning starting line up, but he does make a very valuable squad player. If called upon to play in the odd match, he has proven that he can do a good job. Although if the club does decide to sell him, I think we should be aiming at making our money originally spent on the player back, around the £500k mark.  
  7. I too havent seen him play, but have heard very good things about him. If given the choice though: Celtic, Rangers or Norwich, the odds would be on one of the old firm clubs. Did a quick search on youtube, and this video poped up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhufedme4rY He is still only 19 years old, still having a fair way to go untill he turns into a complete player. To date he''s scored 19 goals in 43 apperances for an average Kilnarmock team, and unsurprisngly won the SPL Young Player of the Year back in August 2006. Its also reported that Arsenal have been long-term admiriers of him.
  8. Realistically I would say: Lewis (New RB) (New CB) Shackell Drury Croft (New CM) Safri Huckerby Martin Earnshaw Subs from: Gallacher, Cave-brown, Hughes, Spillane, Dublin, Etuhu, Chadwick, Lappin, Eagle, Renton,
  9. Our coach left at about 9:50 and arrived in Chelsea at 2:15ish, after (like every other coach) taking the wrong route. I think it may have been a ''spratts'' coach, he said it was one of two of that kind their on the day. Number 29, driven by the two Daves. Despite the getting lost and stuff in traffic at times, it was great fun, both the Daves were very welcoming and friendly, with both seeming to know what they were doing. I would definetly travel by coach again!
  10. The day for me begin at 6:00am and finished at 11:30pm, and i loved every single second of it! The atmosphere within the shed lower and the rest of the Norwich fans was amazing! Our support yesterday was PRICELESS! I thought Etuhu''s shot was going to go in, for a split moment i could almost feel my heart stopping! and you can see why football fans state that it should be stamford bridge the library, the Chelsea fans hardly made a noise. "4-0 up and you still dont sing!"
  11. I find it very hard to believe that forest made more noise than us, as i watched the game on t.v and remember it well. We didnt stop singing yesterday, it was absoultely f-ing awesome!
  12. Very well put! We need a rocket up every single player''s backside today!!! COME ON CITY, do us proud!
  13. I am attending the game (1st ever away game) so hopefully i''ll become a lucky charm! cluching at straws hey! Chelsea 2-2 Norwich COME ON CITY!
  14. I tend to agree with what the majority of people are saying on this subject. I think the areas of debate are clearly: Croft vs Chadwick Huckerby Left-Mid vs Huckerby striker Brown vs Martin Shackell vs Doherty. First, is it just me or Croft hasnt quite reached the same high level of performance he was putting in before his injury, sence he has come back. I am often left very dissapointed when he gets in a decent crossing position, with him failing to deliver a dangerous ball. On yesterday''s evidence, new boy Simon Lappin needs to start. Therefore Huckerby is going to have to play up front, which isnt a bad thing, he has the intelligence and agression to play in this position. I think it was be extremely interesting to see if a Huckerby-Martin strike-force would work. On paper there would be alot of pace, agression, skill and flair, although is the lack of height and strength (to hold up the ball) too great? At the moment I feel we should remain by playing Huckerby and Brown, in a years time though Martin will hopfully be causing interest from premiership clubs. When others have slatted Doherty in the past and present i have tried my best to defend him, but I''m running out of patience when him in proving me right. He constantly looks so sloppy and careless, im on the edge of my seat something waiting for him to have another moment of madness. My Team would be:   Marshall Colin  Dublin  Shackell  Drury Croft  Fotheringham  Safri  Lappin Brown  Huckerby
  15. Briefly: Gallacher: 3 Colin: 6 Doherty: 4 Shackell: 4 Drury: 4 Croft: 5 Etuhu: 3 Safri: 6 Huckerby: 5 Dublin: 5 McVeigh: 4 Subs: Brown: 5
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