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  1. You’ve played a blinder there winning25 Mr Right respects this.
  2. Mr Right suspects you’ve been chopping onions..... as you can’t stop crying.
  3. Mr Right is always right unlike onion boy! The comment below you explained everything in crystal clear detail and Mr Right thanks him for that Mr right suspects Stuart Webber has no need for toilet role when bag of onions is around....
  4. I hate kenny McLean on Monday, I revoked sargents visa on Tuesday, I called the fraud division on PLM on wedensday, reported cantwell tik toks on a Thursday and Friday and Saturday then Mr right chilled on Sunday.
  5. Mr Right agrees with this statement.
  6. Ahhhhh my arch nemesis..........Mr Wrong!!!!!!
  7. Stuart is that you? Mr Right thinks you’re Stuart Webber in disguise.
  8. If you think McLean should be starting then give your head a giant wobble!!! Mr right thinks he’s no good.... and he’s always RIGHT.
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