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  1. It's hard to judge this one. All we can see is that his level last season was on the fringes of being a starter - but often on bench - at League 1 level. Has Smith and the scouting team seen that he has progressed hugely in the last few months? Well, let's hope so, but he doesn't look like a first teamer yet to me.
  2. 5-1 win. I would love to justify that prediction, but I can't.
  3. I think folk here were mainly a bit more nuanced than wanting more risk. Wasn't it more about wanting to be prepared to spend more in order to buy in some 'safer' options. Ajer was an example of that.
  4. I'm keeping everything crossed that this is a great buy for us. But I worry that taking big gambles has become the Norwich way under Webber. It was clear last summer and seems like nothing has changed. I just hope it's not a self-destructive culture of risk taking we've fallen into. For now though, excited to see what he's like! Sounds like a new McLean
  5. Is the gap really so great between PL and champs that a team that would have had zero chance, even with an exceptional managers, will be challenging for promotion? Maybe, but I'm not sure. Are we as strong as we were two years ago? Almost certainly not. I'm not saying it's impossible but I think Smith has a tough job on his hands unless a few younger players really come through fast.
  6. My guess is 10-15th based on the inability of this coach and squad to play to any kind of system or shapes with any kind of nous, discipline or ferocity, let alone flare. There is no way current performances or coaching is up to top 6 championship standard, even with the gap between that and the Prem. Can we rise magnificently from the gutter as we did 2 years ago? We can hope, but there is nothing in Smith's work or communication so far that gives me much hope. New plan needed, starting with new senior management structure to ensure better club governance.
  7. I don't have a ticket for spurs game and no way I am paying £43 for one. I did go yesterday but only as I had a freebie. Fair play to ticket holders for turning up - I would never tell people they should stay away. That said it think the empty seats - second half yesterday - will be making a big impression. I have no info at all but a hunch that some serious reflection is ongoing, along the lines of 'Are we the team to start afresh with another grand multi-year plan?'. Well, let's see, but if ever there is a time to be putting a bit more pressure on (even if lacking a clear vision of what change is wanted), this is it.
  8. The thing that struck me was the inconsistency of Sorensen, Gilmour, PLM, Dowell. All showed some good stuff but just as often misplaced passes or fannied around and got pushed off the ball by a stronger player. Yes, Sorensen too. Playing as they are now, none look like championship winning players. To me, Rupp looked best of the midfield on yesterday's showing.
  9. I don't get this. It suggests our xGA last year was higher than 2018/19. Despite actual goals against being 21 less. If I am reading the table correctly the only thing it tells me is that the xGA figures bear no relationship with defensive performance.
  10. Hasn't McLean got a broken toe? I'm no medic, but don't you need your feet to work pretty well at this level?
  11. Whilst I realise we will not get it, it would be good to have some explanation of what you were trying to achieve last summer. We do after pay for all this, through ticket purchases, TV subscriptions, merch etc .. So, I just want to know what the strategy was, armed with 30million from Buendia, plus a few bob more from down back of the sofa. What were you hoping for with Sargent? I like him. He genuinely plays for the team. But it seems clear you considered him a striker. Despite the fact that he had hardly scored any goals (deja vu Naismith). So what were you thinking? About the prospect of making a profit on him? And what about Tzolis? What did your team of scouts say about him? It took Farke 5 minutes to determine he wasn't ready. So, again, what were you thinking or hoping for? For a future profit. If you were expecting him to succeed in the Prem straight away, how did your team get misjudge this when it is so clear to Farke and now Smith? And what was really going on in that scouting team? Why the churn? Was it functioning well or falling apart and panicking? I must be about the 1000th person to pose these questions, so why no answers?
  12. Not sure really but voted for 21/22 as a fresh pile of c**p always smells the worst
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