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  1. Personnally, I find Connor boring and self-righteous more interested in bashing the club and the reader over the head with his opinions than saying anything of interest.
  2. Whingers 0 Wagner 1 9 points out of 12 ! Never mind, Ipswich up soon - back to whinging ways
  3. Plenty of whinging from potential candidates for the manager┬┤s job. Interesting selection, why not just see how it pans out. Or is the real pleasure just in whinging.
  4. This is the first chance to see this ┬┤new┬┤ Norwich team in real action. Friendlies are friendlies and played with tired legs. It will be interesting to see how they play against a Hull team who in their last 10 games of last season only lost to Middlesborough away and Burnley at home. They will be well set up, motivated and no push-overs. I think the game will hinge on a) them not scoring first and shutting up shop, and b) us scoring and forcing them to open up. I go for the latter and a tough, hard-fought 2-0.
  5. Nach 6 Jahren bei YB - Fassnacht erf├╝llt sich Ausland-Wunsch und wechselt zu Norwich - Sport - SRF Maybe most importantly it says he was a leader, and one of the main pillars of YB┬┤s success. Werder Bremen were apparently at some point also interested. Sounds like a good catch.
  6. Anybody who ever ran the length of that pitch at Watford in the pouring rain has got to say Ron Saunders. He took us from nowhere and created the foundations for everything that followed. Wasn't exactly cuddly, but down to earth and to the point.
  7. Reading the German press all the news is prefaced with "according to media reports", i. e. Sports1. So all the current noise seems to be based on one journalist. Whether he or she is simply making an educated guess to grab the headlines, we don't know. But whether it's Wagner or not, I suspect so.
  8. Can you then explain the value of an opinion based on inaccurate and incorrect statements?
  9. An opinion based on meaningless speculation which bears no relation to reality is drivel.
  10. I'll be happy with 7. Teams are going to park the proverbial bus, be full of start-of-season energy and looking to catch us on the break. Have a feeling it will take us some time to gel and/or adapt to being a sought after scalp rather than underdogs. I expect things to settle down after 10 games or so, when class and squad strength become more of a factor. Can see us winning at Cardiff and losing at home to Wigan.
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