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  1. With all our new midfield signings it could be a given as we always have him in our starting 11
  2. Gibson was off pace all last season, it’s not his fitness I am afraid, just poor.
  3. Gibson just has too many errors to his game, today was all about basics, he looks so poor, Burnley did a number on us, not sure he is even championship standard now.
  4. I can still see Aaron’s going before the window shuts, unfortunately it might be far too late in the window for us to use the money as we possibly planned.
  5. Signed and starting next week as per my post? We will see, not so sure. By the end of the window, I would really hope so.
  6. With Hanley suspended, Gibson only just back from injury and not match sharp (hopefully) , Zimmerman sold the recurring tradition of square peg in round hole returns. Does Lungi drop back ?(nope..needed in midfield due to injuries) , Byram won’t be ready. Guess it could be a debut for Tomlinson.
  7. Hope he didn’t watch highlights of yesterday’s game he might just decide to stay put.
  8. Just got in the door and haven’t had the opportunity to read any other posts, but did we really expect anything different? Yes we are in a lesser league but with exactly the same bunch of players who are now in the habit of losing, plus Todd. I am not personally expecting our results to get any better until new signings are fit and integrated. Fingers crossed someone is stupid enough to take either Rachita or Aaron’s from us, we need some cash to spend and a few more new faces in who aren’t habitual losers. Note; no disrespect intended to Aaron’s, but he is saleable and replaceable. Rachita on the other hand has been a major disappointment.
  9. Slow start, not convinced in Smith or the relatively same squad that could suffer PTSD from last Season. Just miss out on the play offs, 7th or 8th. Just think the Goals For will be an issue. Will caveat that the window is still opens and my view could change if we get a couple in who are fit and ready to change the midfield balance (still think either Aaron’s or Rachita have to go to finance this) . OTBC
  10. Was PLMs transfer a total shock to the club I wonder? When it was announced I wasn’t fussed as I was sure we would have someone lined up straight away and was expecting a deal announced early week. It now Wednesday and the chances of having someone in for Cardiff look pretty slim. With the two injured signings and the vacant PLM slot we really aren’t starting the season well midfield wise, it’s Kenny plus Lungi then.
  11. Agreed I would be happy if he signed, but again he looks one for the future and not a direct PLM replacement. Perhaps we are looking at a loan of a ready to go option for the here and now?
  12. The plan is probably to play someone out of their natural position if we get injuries at CB. We are minus Kabak and Zimbo from last Season’s squad. Seeing Hanley on the deck today should be a wake up call, we do need one more CB in, it’s a long season.
  13. I get it and in no way am I defending Smith as for me the jury is out, however let’s see some of his ( I presume) signings when they are fit.Fir me I will reiterate, I don’t think Smith is the right fit for us and I think Webber ruined us last summer window and from that we won’t recover. IMO we will not make the top two this season and until the transfer window closes I will reserve judgement on top 6.
  14. I am not convinced but it feels like Farke in season one, Smith needs time. Unfortunately I don’t think time and patience will be on his side and a lot of the blame for that sits with Webber. Poor start and he will be gone by the World Cup break. Just don’t think the majority of fans have taken to him, I haven’t really, but he still feels a bit meh to me, says the right PR things but lacks any passion to City.
  15. Just don’t let him take a penalty when he is back
  16. No loss, another failure alongside the 3 loans last season. Webber really did mess up big time last Summer.
  17. What I did notice last night in the first half was just how much frustration was on show when things weren’t going right? Added to this thread as Lungi attempted a poor long pass and Pukki absolutely berated him, arms aloft as he was available for a simple forward pass. Definitely something to watch if our season starts badly following last years nightmare. Aarons did exactly the same when a simple ball to him was over hit and went out. Hopefully getting it out of their system while it doesn’t matter.
  18. Cambridge by far the better team, but for McGovern it could easily be 3-0, all the hallmarks of last seasons failings, out muscled and zero creativity in midfield. Yep it’s pre-season but I don’t think Smith will be too impressed with that half.
  19. Not sure myself either, I hope he is and that things work out (Webber will want to see him succeed also) it may take a loan away first if there are suitors that can pay a fair wage portion. Lots of ifs atm.
  20. Good watch, just thinking about Tzolis and comparisons, at 19, new club, country and language plus the price tag and top flight expectations. I hope it works out this season for him after further time to adjust.
  21. Like the weather extremes theme in this thread. Can’t recall the hottest but the coldest really stuck in my mind, Southampton at home in the early 80s. I believe it was the only First Division game to take place that day and really shouldn’t have. Peter Shilton was in goal for the Saints and was really losing it as he was continually pelted with snowballs from the River End. Think we won 1-0.
  22. Genuine question to anyone that went, any evidence our set pieces are getting better following the intro of a set piece coach? Probably too early to tell, but would be useful to see any tactic change over the next few Pre-Season games.
  23. Gibson was certainly great for Brentford’s morale last season, and Chelsea’s and …..Maybe okay in the Championship but positioning is poor and often out-jumped by smaller opponents, wouldn’t want him has a starter imo.
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