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  1. Watching the Scousers demise is just as enjoyable as watching the binners down the road. Not so many plastic Scousersflooding social media this year is there? Long may it continue.
  2. If we can execute more of the many chances we create then I fancy a right royal walloping. 5 0 victory if we can. 1 0 victory if we can't. I'm going for the former.
  3. I still had a certain amount of respect for PL for what he did to turn our fortunes around when we were certainly at our lowest ebb for many a year. However when he came to Carrow rd with Ipswich at started the fight purely to get fans onside,any amount of respect went out the door. Ive also got to mention that I'm gutted he's left the binners.
  4. Do you have inside information then? Genuine question,not trying to be sarcastic.
  5. I agree. I'm no financial expert but it seems dangerous to me and like you say if I found out my pension fund was part of a massive gamble like ITFC I'd be a tad concerned.
  6. I think what Yellowrider is trying to say that its really quite unbelievable that there has never been any interest in buying NCFC.
  7. A couple of years ago it was us along with Leeds and Sheffield United. I was so confident we would win the league then. I'm even more confident this time around. Pressures on Brentford, Swansea and Watford imho.
  8. I don't think I'll ever forget that tackle. One of the worst I've ever seen, I'm not even sure if he got booked. There's also the fact that he banished his brother Justin for coming out at a time he needed him most.
  9. Not as busy as TWTD ( I do sneak on there for a laugh when im feeling down) However they do have a lot more to moan about. And long may it continue
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