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  1. I have got: 1) Neville 2) Butt 3)Becks 4) Sheringham 5) Campbell 6) Ashley Cole 7) Hargreaves 8) McMannaman 9) Crouch 10) Pennant 11) Carragher 12) Gerrard 13) Andy Cole 14) ? I cant think of anymore, Scholes didnt play.
  2. IMO PG takes credit and failure on this one completely!   I know many think he hasnt been given the money, which is true in part, but I like PG, and he is definately building his own squad, I am giving him a full season before I judge him, as even Capello himself would struggle with Thorne and McVeigh!   My point is, the squad is now his, the players he hasnt signed or given new contracts to (and wants to keep) are a handful.  2 transfer windows he has made the squad his, he now lives or dies by it.  Worthy made his with his promotion winning squad, and lost it with his next creation!  I dont buy into the "money" issue as much as others.   Take Wolves, Glenn Hoddle walked away cos they told him to do better and slash the wage budget and raise money.  Mick came in and did it, buying trusty players from lower leagues and prem rejects.  it can be done, and grant is trying to do it, so he alone lives or dies by his team - and I am sure from what I have seen of the man he would want it no other way.  
  3. [quote user="Stevo"][quote user="gissing canary"] Valuations in the current money climate of the premier league are so hard to judge! [/quote] Very true. I guess the only answer to someone''s value is what another club is prepared to offer .....or in our case what amount is set in their get-out clause!! Certain premier league clubs can and will spend ''silly'' money to try and maintain their status. The original point of this thread was to try and gauge the value of our squad. With the transfers of Ashton, Green and Earnshaw I feel that we don''t have an obvious ''prized asset'' i.e. a player that would / could go for big money [/quote]   I agree, we no longer have a "star", but I think I like it, as the times we have 1 star (other than hucks) we dont seem to do as well.  eadie, bellamy, ashton, earnie.......   But my point is, in this climate a good year or two and being young, as wel as english can suddenly put a hefty fee on any player.  I mean chopra one good season, and he is worth 5mill!!  But it is whatever a premiership club is willing to pay, as they are all doing insane maths, "if this player keeps us up - he is worth to us 50million" so to them speanding 5 on a player worth 2mill, is probably worth it!  
  4. Valuations in the current money climate of the premier league are so hard to judge! I mean who would have put Etuhu at 1.5 before sunderland bid? Koumas 4.5, chopra 5?   If we want to get rid of, most are frees, or a couple of hundred K.  If we dont, then who knows.  Say crofty at the min 500-1mill, but has a good season.  A good young english right winger?  would be 22-3, ie, younger than Lee Cook, so who knows, would be around 2-2.5.   As with martin, a poor season, and he is worth 100k, a good one, 10+ goals, even 20, and he goes between eastwood and chopra range, 1.5-5. Every premier league club, has seen the everton model, and others, and has realised that you can get good players from Div 1, so they are searching for any young talent.  
  5. Good work on getting the flag, and thanks to the hearts fans for giving it up. Any chance would be ready for the West Ham game?  But the best place seems to be in between the home and away fans in the jarrold?  
  6. when is it?  i get find sources on the net. I work near there, and get bored at work a lot, so could help pass my day.  
  7. Good post. I think Brown could be very useful for us, I am not sure about starting every game.  But he appears hungry, and must know this is his last shot at the big time, and I think he would be a good foil, now the team is more balanced, I think he would get numerous assists for the attacing midfielders too.  
  8. I feel your pain I live with arsenal fans sending me messages comparing Dave Striker to this guy: http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=473622&plid=22870&clid=39&cpid=10 But for your friend: He supports a team that have cheated their way into staying in the premier league! They own craig bellamy, lee bowyer and want dyer!!  newcastle rejects and violent scum bags!  They rely on our players.  Bellamy, ashton, green, and upson is from diss.  He doesnt have too much to boast about.  
  9. I bet he is on a serious wedge with them, at least 15k!  
  10. In fairness hairy canary, true I have had my doubts about him, but nearly everyone on here in Jan seemed to dislike him.   My point was that we signed him for 450k, he was poor for a bit, then good / ok, and we got triple what we paid, so what is all the fuss?  as i said grant should be gutted, but i think its not bad business.
  11. A positive light on our current situation is needed!   First of all I have seen smudger saying how bad it is we have sold etuhu, but i thought he disliked him?  My point is, we all in part sat here since relegation talking about how awful the Centre mids were, and how they were to blame in a large part for the defensive record.  The 4 being, robbo, dickson, safri, and hughes.   We now are in the situation to cull the lot of them, for me, true I wanted dickson over the others to stay, but 2.5mill for 2 players we all often criticised and said couldnt play together?   Post these figures in january, and u would have been called a fool, and that we would have been lucky to get it.  Has SO much changed??   I feel most for PG, he was starting to get a team he wanted, and now its hit his plans, as I believe he was finding a saf replacement and defender, now he has to hit the drawing board fast.  But for us, is it so bad??  
  12. I agree with the post as well, except the fozzy bit.But i know what you mean, he has built his own strike force - its all his, Dave, Jamie, and Brown he signed and hucks and Martin he gave contracts.  But now we need the spine, brellier is a great start, but too often last season, we didnt complain about the strikers, but the fact you could walk from the halfway line and put the ball in our net, it got embarrassing how easy to cut through we were.  We need a mid or two if all the rumours about dickson, hughes and saf are to be believed.As well as a centre back is essential!!
  13. If no gilks and marshall, i want joe lewis and not gally, who we know isnt up to it, might as well see if big joe is?
  14. I know what you mean, but hendo, thorne and mlj?  classed and losses to first team?  no one would ever play them, so will feel like we have loads more players, let alone the tubby one, who you would ever only name on the bench for his last 2 seasons - sadly, yes i too once loved him.Also i would like to congratulate u, on the name "the judge".
  15. This was rumoured a little bit ago, but leeds were in admin so couldnt buy any players.  Now they are out, does anyone know if they still want him? I would take the cash straight away!  or even off the wage budget.  at at least 5th choice centre mid (brellier, etuhu, safri (or replacement), fozzy (who grant seems to rate)) there seems little point having him? I know he won some of us over, and he is committed, no denying, and was useful at right back, but my thoughts are, we have a couple of "utility" youngersters in spillane and rossi, let alone cave-brown, I am sure should we have an injury one of them can fill in just as well, and give them valuable game time?  Also with one new centre back on way (I believe it will happen when grant has shipped a few out - if we see Gally, Colin, and Hughes, I think it will free up some serious wage budget for him) then surely he might be able to push across? Also in regards to Gally, I checked out leeds squad on skysports - they have one listed keeper, could gally not do that level ok?  can we use leeds as our dumping ground??
  16. In fairness to cureton:   Jags was an everton reserve reject, and alan shearer was rejected by Newcastle.  Ask there fans, both seem pretty happy to have their "failures" back!  
  17. i think it will be fozzy on bench over hughes and safri (who will be gone).   I also think a bit premature, as a new centre back, and maybe new mid on way too IMO.  
  18. Shame, I liked him, but not shocked.I expected gally, and hughes to go the same way.
  19. Yeah oli, normally i am an optimist, and disagree with the constant negativety on here: Wiz, cluck, smudger, the usual.   I dont think they are right, but this has dented even my optimism for next season, I hoped for much under grant, 5 new players, I hope would do it, I didnt even mind earnie going (I was hoping for 6), and i thought sharp was coming for 2.5, but this is a shock, and I am gutted!!   Even through my usual hope, i am worried about a mid table finish, and can that much more be hoped of grant?
  20. more like a good business decision. if he has a bad year, he is worthless, sharp a bad year, or two, people will still pick him up.  and he has a chance to improve.  
  21. I know he used to play for us, and has some passion (yellow and green hair).   But I feel 500-750k, is way too expensive for a 31 year old, who has an ok track record (does anyone remember Peter Thorne)?  I think it could be a waste of money.  We need 4-5 strikers, i say Brown, Jarvis, Hucks, Martin, and Eastwood/Sharp (as i see only logic that earnie goes), would be fine, i dont see what he would give that they dont?   He is a finisher, and compared to the others we have better, IMO.  Before people talk about proven at this level, look at goal stats.  I worry about 1 good year with a partner who provides, i mean 1 good year in the last 4??  Does anyone remember Marcus Stewart, Michael Ricketts, and the rest, one season does not make a player!  As his other good spells (Reading and Bristol) were in the lower leagues i think.   Years Club App (Gls)* 1993–1996 1995 1996–2000 2000–2003 2003–2004 2004–2005 2005–2006 2005–2006 2006– Norwich City → Bournemouth (loan) Bristol Rovers Reading Busan I''cons QPR Swindon Town → Colchester United (loan) Colchester United 029 0(6) 005 0(0) 176 (72) 108 (50) 020 0(4) 043 0(6) 030 0(7) 008 0(4) 044 (23)   
  22. West Brom want 7mill for kamara or 6 in another thing i read.   Other posters on here think 4.5 to derby for earnie, IMO that is too little.  Kamara cant finish that well, was rubbish in the premiership for a 6-7mill striker, and his top flight record and chamionship record is below earnies, and he is 28.  can we not hold out for 6?  as everyone has now realised staying in the premier league is about goalscorers, so if they want to stay up hand it over.  
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