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  1. I agree that he is slowly falling of a little. The decline is steady but slow. It would seem that he is gonna play out the season at Norwich and then go somewhere else for a couple seasons before winding his career down. Top 2 looks far away right now but not impossible. Play offs likely. To in a situation like this play Sargent instead seems like nonsense to me. You play your best players in their best positions. The talk of making Pukki a #10 also seems like nonsense to me. He could do it alright, but thats not what he does best.
  2. Finland used to play a 4-4-2, but a few years ago changed to a 5-3-2/3-5-2. The guy who he plays striker with has changed a lot. Often it has been some pretty anonymous players.
  3. So I guess its good that we have Sargent and not Haaland since he is also one of the best centre forwards in a country of around 5 million people lol?
  4. Gibbs + Hayden may be defensively sound. But god they make for a boring pair.
  5. We need to stop Liam Gibbs from taking shots from outside the box at any cost.
  6. Yeah Im not saying never play him again. But him and Gibbs together are maybe not dynamic enough together. And if I have to chose to have one on the pitch its Gibbs.
  7. This Cantwell play has been coming for a while. This season when he has been given the chance he hasnt necessarily sparkled. Things havent quite come for him. But he has done a lot of simple things right. Doing his tracking back and pressing with enthusiasm. It seems that he has mentally shifted. He realizes he is not too good for Norwich and not too good for the championship. Now giving the impression of a more humble harder worker.
  8. I never quite understood the idea with Dowell. Sure he hits an occassional assist or an occassional goal. But his workrate seems so low to me. Im not sure if that view is actually correct, but he is so anonymous for a player who ostensibly is a technical #10. He is not good at involving himself in a game.
  9. Norwich did not look good first half. Hayden out for Nunez I'd say. And obviously Cantwell in for Dowell.
  10. Never before in his career have I seen Pukki being as annoyed at his fellow players as he has been in the last 5 games or so. Hard to say if its a sign of him exercising leadership or him being fed up with good old Norwich.
  11. McCallum has been good! Especially liked that one bursting run through the midfield! Although he lacked the end product after that. So at least there is something to feel happy about
  12. Agreed. Furthermore, the chance yesterday where Cantwell almost pokes it in is started from a brilliant Pukki move. Its basically a nothing ball he gets and he turns a defender brilliantly. He has been in mediocre form earlier in the season, but to me it seems he is getting into his groove now. Problem is, the lack of service. Both Pukki and Sargent are very, very good goal scorers at this level. If the team just gets the ball to them in half decent positions they will both score. Pukki and Sargent are clearly not the problem.
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