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  1. In the post match interview Daniel Farke pretty much confirmed that they are going to buy another striker/goalscorer before the season starts. He talked about how when you arent blessed with a lot money you sometimes have to be patient/smart.
  2. He is a wonderful player and I love to watch him play. No matter where he is
  3. Watkins mainly scores headers, Buendia is one of the best through ball hitters in the world but not one of the best crossers I dont think. So Buendia might get a few fewer assists, other than that I think it will look extremely good. One of the great parts about seeing Buendia was his constant one twos on either side of the pitch with Cantwell. Just beautiful it was. I believe it will be similar but more so with Grealish. Even before the Villa rumours I often compared the two players. Grealish and Buendia have very similar strenghts and styles, but they will not get in each others way but rather strenghten each others qualities from both sides of the pitch. I will be interested to see if Buendia can match or even outperform Grealish, I see no reason why not. It will be a symphony of football, and even though I have absolute no feelings about Aston Villa I will very much be enjoying their games next season to see how Emi gets on.
  4. Completely unrealistic transfer. Would go straight against the current transfer strategy wouldnt it?
  5. i like the quote in the ending “If I could play in the national team and in the Premier League it would be incredible. Cuba has a lot of history, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. To be a Cuban and play in the Premier League for Norwich would be such a privilege.” Really happy he has been allowed to play for Cuba, both for him and the country. When you look at his twitter replies its filled with Cubans exctatic he is playing for them. A lot of them apparently posting from Cuba
  6. My gut feeling is saying Buendia ends up in Atletico. Emi Buendia as a character just fits perfectly together with Cholismo. He could play out wider either side in the classic Simeone 4-4-2 but also as part of a front three. David Ornstein wrote an article about various recent rumours and there was talk of interest from a continental club, presumably it was Atletico. Jesus ****ing christ it would be cool to see Felix and Emi combine and set up Suarez goals. Kind of an upgrade on our trio of Emi, Pukki and Cantwell, but not too dissimilar. I would like to see that much more than him langushing away in the midtable Premier league for Villa or Arsenal
  7. This seems to me to be bit of a traumatic reaction to the latter half of the 19/20 season. Pukki is still Pukki, Hugill is bit of an upgrade on Drimic and Idah is two years older and more experienced. Compare that to the situation in the lower midfield where we at the start of next season will be missing Tettey, Vrancic, most likely Skipp and have an injured McLean. Having three decent options at striker is more than enough.
  8. I agree with this. We already have a well balanced group of strikers. In fact I have posted about it here
  9. Ankle ligament pain, thats just what you get after rolling/spraining your ankle right? It happened to me about a month playing football. It was pretty mild, but my foot was still swollen for a week. i was able to play football again about two weeks later but I taped up my ankle to give it a bit more stability. I can still notice the damage to the ligaments when I run in sports and do a sharp turn, its as if my foot isnt quite as stable. There is always a bit of a fear that I will reroll the ankle and it will be even worse. This recent event was I think the third time I've sprained the same ankle, never very serious though. I imagine this is the kind of injury that football players constantly suffer from and mostly just tape up their foot and play through the pain. But it doesnt exactly seem like he has rolled his ankle. It rather seems like a persistent small injury. He has previously broken his toe. Thats a very different type of injury, but a small injury in his foot could affect how he runs and indirectly cause another foot injury. What is your theory on how he got it?
  10. He spent a lot of time at the bottom of the midfield trying to dribble and pass his way up with the ball. Most of the time Norwich was stuck in their own half that season. A ball playing centreback like Gibson and an improved Hanley will make us slightly more press resistant. We were also often playing players like Tom Trybull and Tettey at the bottom of the midfield. With all due respect to them, as a pair they were just not good enough. With a more experienced and slightly higher quality squad Buendia will be able to focus more on his offensive duties and will be able to get 10+10 goals and assists. I think its pretty noticeable that he has improved as a goalscorer since his last forray into the premier league
  11. The nation has waited for more than 100 years for this. Not having Pukki in decent form would be a gigatnic tragedy. It was he who fired the nation to the Euros with 10 goals in 10 matches in the qualies. We have Pohjanpalo and Brentfords Marcus Forss who can score. But Pukki is a talisman for the football team
  12. I have long been skeptical of him. He is obviously good, but as some have said he goes a bit missing, and thats not sustainable in the top flight. But if he stays healthy over the summer he should be able to hit top form next autumn. In some matches we saw intelligent teams man mark Buendia and partly Cantwell out of the game, against Cardiff for example. Its very valuable to have a lot of different goal threats in the starting XI as we ofc are all too reliant on the magic of Buendia and his throughballs to Pukki. Depite his two goals last match I think the nicest thing he did was a flick on that turned into a perfect throughball for Pukki, after which he then tried to lob the keeper who did a great save to deny him. After his recent goals goals Dowell now has a scoring rate of 1 goal every 180 minutes this season. I think thats second best after Pukki. He has gotten just one assist though. But as his co-operation with the other in the front 4 improves so will probably his amount of assists. I have recently been moaning about the need for a new #10 of a higher standard, but I no longer feel it is that important. Dowell can surely do a good job there against a lot of teams. My worry is that he might not be able to do it against better teams where we have less of the ball and teh opponents press more vigorously. But I would love to be proven wrong
  13. With that said Im sure Pukki wouldnt mind scoring a goal or two to keep his monetum up. Also, with a hat trick he could equal his personal championship scoring record. Would be nice to see
  14. I think some quantifier could be useful. I would ideally like to see Buendia combine with Messia to feed Pukki throughballs, but not very realistic. No but, for me I have more faith in the players we already have. I wont be benching McLean and Gibson. Get some new fresh south American wunderkind or Balkan talented journeyman with something to prove in at no 10. and Im perfectly content with the team as it is. Only part of it that isnt very likely to happen is Skipp I guess.
  15. Pretty opposite type of team to Norwich
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