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  1. It''s on the official site we''ve signed him
  2. It certiainly wasn''t a dodgy penalty - the guy basically punched it. Having said that, Riley is an embarrassment.
  3. [quote user="Trent Canary"]Gazza - If dicky doesnt respond then I would be interested, PM me if you so wish. [/quote] Please PM me too - Norwich will not get relegated.
  4. [quote user="1st Wizard"]No iffs or buts, relegation is certain. [/quote] Please feel free to put your money where you mouth is and visit Betfair. Please?
  5. the big man will be on the sofa this morning
  6. just heard the same thing on sky sports news
  7. AJ - keet - it was a soccer am "joke" - oirish for keith...
  8. anyone see him in his new job on soccer am this morning? ever the cheeky oirishman
  9. it was reported on sky that worthy was still waiting for international clearance to play him. they didn''t go into details as to what that meant.
  10. yep - just found exactly the same thing. i dont have access to radio norfolk at the moment so i decided to tune in on canaries world. great of them to advertise this on the official site and then not deliver. no doubt not the clubs fault though.
  11. i''m surprised they seem to be spending loads on unproven top class players. we all know that spending does not buy you survival - Ipswich, Bradford, Leeds are the ones we always mention but I was surprised to hear this morning on the premiership years on sky that Sunderland spent £20m two seasons ago when they went down.
  12. last season i was getting really worried about him not only trying to fit in every cliche in the book into every interview, know what i mean, but also looking to the side every few moments a la Harry Rednapp. At the moment he looks very relaxed and assured. Maybe that will change a few games into the season.
  13. Just seen Worthy interviewed on Sky. Is it just me or does he seem more at ease thesedays in front of camera? In the last two interviews he hasn''t said "know what i mean" or used any football cliche once. Is this the end to our very own football cliche man?
  14. yes i saw it too - some friends of my daughters were there and i said look there they are with the canary but she said no they wouldn''t be so sad :(
  15. i''ve signed up - helveg franics and bentley - helveg is a sub. i''ll wait to see how we do before putting a norwich player in at the back although i''m getting more confident that they will be able to do a good job at the back.
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