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  1. Hi guys, log on to http://www.mrcarrow.co.uk/ratethem.php and submit your ratings there... the site will work out the totals ... Here''s mine: I thought Edworthy played really well - Helveg will have a battle for the place. Robert Green 7 Marc Edworthy 8 Adam Drury 7 Craig Fleming 7 Simon Charlton 7 Gary Holt 6 Damien Francis 8 David Bentley 7 Paul McVeigh 6 Darren Huckerby 8 Gary Doherty 8 Mattias Jonson 6 Leon McKenzie 6
  2. Greeno and Hucks seem popular... I''ve got those two and gambled on Brennan too. Also signed Primius - perhaps a risky one!
  3. Hola.... I''ve set up a fantasy league for any Norwich fans that want to join - it''s on http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and doesn''t cost anything. You''re only allowed three City player though - so pick wisely! If you''d like to join, go to the website, register, and pick you team. ONce you''ve submitted yout team just click on the ''Leagues'' link you can find on the the right of the page and enter the code 13015-3268 to join the private league. John
  4. That guy up the tree was hilarious! stuck up a tree, we having a laugh..... I didn''t think he was going to make it down again without the help of the fire service. And he wasn''t even facing the right way!!! John If you got a photo of that (or anything else for that matter), please send us it.... http://www.mrcarrow.co.uk/ :)
  5. What an amazing day... I crawled into work this morning with a sore head, but a big grin on my face. I''m putting together a web based photo collection of the season, and in particular the last couple of weeks... If anyone has any photos that they''re be generous enough to send me to be included that would be great! http://www.mrcarrow.co.uk/ - if you''ve got anything i could use! Thanks John
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