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  1. Far more than 2.2% of footballers are homosexual. That is, if you include the women.
  2. It's got racists everywhere reconsidering their philosophy. Well done, unknown ladies!
  3. They are privileged, but want to be seen as victims. The hypocrisy stems from them pretending to care by doing an empty virtue signal. If Sterling was called names online, welcome to the club. Who hasn't? Idiot bullies pick something about you and attack it. If you let that dominate your life, you let them win. If you pretend it dominates your life while you live a life of fabulous wealth and luxury, your worse than them because you empower them. And then you kneel.
  4. Collective view? Ok, Mr Marx. I've never said people shouldn't be allowed to express their views. Kneel away, privileged millionaires. I will continue to laugh at them and point out their hypocrisy. If you don't think Prem players are privileged, that's hilarious. They have been pampered and kowtowed to their entire lives. They worked for it, of course, but plenty of others worked as hard but weren't as good and didn't have such privilege as being paid to play a game, be adored for playing a game, be cheered when they go to work, have all sorts of people fawning over them, etc. Even as children, when their skills got noticed, people began building them up. We're all privileged in the West to live in this time of luxury but pro athletes are privileged much more than that. To then turn around and decry how horrible our world is reeks of hypocrisy and privilege and just being out of touch. Come on England. I like you and Im not even a millionaire.
  5. Again, it's the self loathing and hypocrisy posing as virtue that I oppose. I'd prefer they don't do it but am very amused when they do. Like last month at the G7, the leaders were tapping elbows as a greeting to supposedly avoid covid, and 30 minutes later they are shaking hands and embracing. It was an empty gesture meant for the gullible. So is kneeling. It does not bring awareness to something that we're all aware of and that gets way overplayed when it does happen.
  6. If you are putting on a show as you pray, then yes it is virtue signalling same as kneeling in front of a crowd who came to watch a game. Do you put on a show when you give up your seat, or do it quietly? As for the other things, you are mixing up symbolism with virtue signalling.
  7. Why do you think I'm upset by the kneeling? I find it very amusing. You call me sad, but it is you left wing whingers who are always miserable and demanding other people make changes while they do nothing themselves (except kneel ). I love my life. Rather than point out the absurdity of everything I said, how about pointing out just 1 that is absurd and bigoted? Then explain what is absurd and bigoted about it. Hypocrites like Greta Thumberg and the kneeling millionaires who hate the West while enjoying its luxuries are so self unaware.
  8. Those in charge who have had a massive increase in authority. Power corrupts......
  9. Your self loathing is pathetic. To think England did nothing good for the world thru colonization is laughable. But it's also irrelevant to the emptiness today's fake woke millionaires kneeling before kickoff. What has all this kneeling accomplished? 2021 Western civilization frowns on racist practices. To beat ourselves up over racism is dumb. It's also patronizing. Why not focus on something that actually is a problem such as the breakdown of the nuclear family. That leads to far more death and violence than racism does. Declining birth rates is another huge problem. Illegal drug use. These are actual things that impact the nation whereas racism is rare and already highly publicized and virtual signalled.
  10. He said these bandwagon jumpers normally sneer at football. Now they act like they're lifelong fans. And you call him sad? Look in the mirror.
  11. Word origin matters why? All that matters in fluid chat is the current meaning. The electoral college is purposely intended to make it possible to lose the popular vote while winning the election. America doesn't want to be ruled by NYC, Chicago and California. So to win as President you must have a wider appeal than to a few urban areas. Smart candidates campaign with this in mind. Dumb ones don't and win the popular vote but lose the election.
  12. It would be a shame (but typical) for the final to be postponed or cancelled over something that has virtually no affect on young, strong, fit, healthy athletes.
  13. You have a very bizarre view of America. That you oppose meritocracy explains a lot, tho. At least America doesn't have leaders elected with 30% of the vote. England does.
  14. "****hole". These groups are turning once great cities into ****holes. They hate individualism, free market economics, and self-determination. America is becoming a ****hole because of these groups who think it is already a ****hole that needs their tribalism, groupthink, equity, racism etc. to become utopia.
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