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  1. Do you think Roeder has been asked to slow things down a little and wait until next year to really push for promotion? (Note team selections) With so many loan players out after the season and the prospect of others leaving as well, what will our team look like next year? Chances of new ownership next year?
  2. My uncle John who is a huge City fan is in the hospital in Norwich fighting cancer, he is hoping to be out this weekend and well enough for the match against Ips****.  Knowing him he will try his best to be there.  Please have a pint for him on Sunday! Cheers [B]
  3. Yes, a terrific match! Yes, Greeno made some good saves.  But, at the end of the day, Greeno let the goals in (again) as he did when he was with City.      
  4. Surely this is just a down payment.  Must be worth between 6 - 7 Mill. Maybe we will get Primus in return...Worthy was keen on him for years...
  5. In their present state the following would be better managers than Worthy: 1. Brian Clough 2. Ronnie Greenwood 3.The whale floating down the Thames... 4.Mud on my shoe. 5. Lint from belly button. Did I miss anything?
  6. After seeing some of the money being spent for players (i.e. Crouch 7 Mil), Ashton''s worth is surely at least 10 Million at a minimum. Any thoughts?
  7. I proudly wore mine at the England vs USA match on Saturday.  Yelled at Greeno warming up prior to the match, and received a "Thumbs-up" in return.  I had alot of people commenting (including Americans), that they believe City will be right back in the Premiership next year - I agree.
  8. "Looking forward to playing us next season???" What are you talking about mate? We will still be in the Premiership, while you lot are still playing in the "Fizzy League". "ALL HALE THE ROYLE JESTER"
  9. I listened to all the matches this year on either the internet or watched the matches on Fox Sports World in America. Many times the City away supporters drowned out the home teams supporters! You are all to be commended!
  10. Do you think Ashton will go? If so, I think nothing less than 10 million will be acceptable. If Greeno decides that top flight football is were he needs to be, what kind of price do you think he will go for? Hopefully (all fingers crossed), these questions will not even need to be addressed at the end of the season.
  11. I loved Delia''s pastionate cry at half-time. I will be cheering her from the U.S.A. when they show her on the T.V. - ''Come on you yellows....
  12. I know many in England won''t be surprised if Norwich get hammered 6-0 this weekend. However, I feel Saturday will be the day that the Green and Yellow Army (fans) will effect the outcome of this game. With their support from beginning to end, City WILL BE VICTORIOUS. I will be watching in America, with the volume on the tele turned up, singing along. P.S. - Delia, I want to her you singing up the Barclay!
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