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  1. unlucky  2-3 man city 0-1 fulham,  villa away bolton away charlton away  i could go on and on  oh yeah we were very lucky home to wba  And a point was to be had home to chelsea but we were to nice. and someone said we got a point at wba   well that one was 2 points lost. Like i said wake up and smell the coffee.  
  2. lets wake up and smell the coffee saturday was a one off it all went well for us and man u were at there absolut worst. We''ve been crap all season and that will probaly continue on saturday.2 or 3 nill to palarse hope i''m wrong but i fear not.
  3. I agree with that.and there are a few more reasons which i can''t be bothered to go into like the chelsea game all there players had on their minds was barca with should have gone into that match tackeles flying in their faces but no we watched them play.  Nice norwich
  4. proves what a pathetic performence it really was the other monday and green saying how deadly the prem is just shows the worthy mentality that has brainwashed the players into beliving they don''t belong in the prem. with some confidence guts and a little organiastion we could have survived this 1st season.      
  5. I agree with you 100% except the renewal bit. Worthy when interviewed after the everton at home debacle at 2:2 did you think you could go on and win the game NO said worthy. and on saturday after losing 1:3 at home he was pleased. the only thing on chelseas mind was barce we should have gone after them from the start with hard crunching tackles what did we do stand back and admire. Its the attitude as much as the brain dead defense why were down already. And no i don''t want worthy sacked just to pull his finger out. 
  6. The lady has given this club 110% in time and money the last 10 years and asked for nothing, tommorrow is payback time, this barclayender will cheer her all the way to her seat and show sky and the rest of a sniggering football world that down here we stick together from the bottom to the top.   
  7. I think the defense would not be good enough in the Championship, seriously i do. Charlton is half the player at left back. Fleming has always been a concern. Doherty is ok leaving edworthy as our best defender. Lets hope Shackle turns out to be as good as we first thought. Drury to timid and frightened of prem. Francis is our only true premiership quality player. When him and holt are in midfield we generally look quite tight. Jonson tries hard but offers little. Helveg is good when he is up for it. Mulrynne thank you and goodbye, same to mcveigh. Stuart is a Charlton reserve player. Up front Ashton will be very good next year, when he settles in. a good buy. Hucks has got class when he has the space, prem defenders not so easy to trick and have more pace. Leon, no one tries more harder than him and could still be a good partner for aston if we go down. Svensson same as Helveg, brill when up for it crap when not. Overall we seem to have got progressively worse since Christmas. We seem to be so defensivly minded. We should be going all out at teams take a chance at the back, not try and defend and snatch a goal. We have proved that when we have to score i.e when we have gone behind we can do it, so why not start like that? How can we try to defend with that defense. We have gone over 20 games without a clean sheet. So in effect we need to score at least 2 goals in each game to have a chance of a win. That is the approach to take. We know we will let in goals so send them out to score 3. Get midfielders forward in numbers, play the ball longer and get aston to hold it up and bring midfield in to play. by playing through midfield we keep giving ball away cheaply to close to our goal, if we give it away further up field we have time to get back and defend. Why don''t we foul when we give the ball away. all other teams foul as soon as we are on the break effectivly breaking up our attack, s o they can get back and defend. This is what they have got to learn quickly. You realise that palace have only failed to score in 2 away games! 82% of teams that score first go on not to lose the game! so by letting in first goal we only have a stat chance of 18% to win the game when going a goal down. I think Green has lost a lot of confidence playing behind ''that'' defense. He is still a quality keeper and will come back. I think we are dead lucky that Southampton have had a bad year otherwise we would be sunk. As it is we have a chance to stay up providing we change tactics. I want to go down all guns blazing, not surrounded by a series of comical errors.
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