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  1. yeah...never really thought of them ones...gooden
  2. i''ve been an ipswich fan for almost 30 years now and i have to say that u guys have looked the best out of the bottom 4 by far, and i will most definately be looking foward to playing u guys again next season! ALL HAIL KING ROYLE
  3. apparently Celtic r in for Ashton!!!
  4. Fraid not Franny V! its just what i heard second hand....besides how can i go to college with you when i dont even go to college
  5. look at my thread buddy http://new.pinkun.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=63&MessageID=140496
  6. Word around the ground staff at carrow road is that Shaun Wright-Philips'' brother has been sniffing around....someone somewhere claimed they saw him in and around Colney afew days ago. Wotcha rekon guys, am i being rather too gullabble?
  7. i think ur looking at it from the wrong angle, but hey, its an opinion. every1 has 1 or 2 right or wrong
  8. I have to say as a season ticket holder over the past few years its great to Carrow road booming again. However it really does annoy me and i cant understand why people insist to leave 10 15 minutes from the end, especailly when the team needs the fans support. If any of you know why people have to leave early when the team needs support i''d love to know why!!!
  9. what r u stupid or something? worthy''s the right man for the job, no doubt! i can tell u go and watch week in week out
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