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  1. well i thought it was our welshman who was here a rather long tme but it''s not. Another welshman apart from the little fella soon to be a captain and the big fella mentioned above? Baffled. Need another clue.
  2. Sorry Chicken. Was not replyiny to your post. Replied to the one above! You make good points. College is the key..Its the equivilent of the Championship and League 1 and needs the resources they pump into College AM football, basketball and Baseball.
  3. Thats complete nonsense. Soccer is the number one sport here for kids 4-18. Problem is there is no proper structure after school. So all of the talented kids play other sports at College. Also the fact that baseball, basketball and American football are very popular means there has (up until now) been no room for footy. Its quite snobish too. Americans like sports they have created. They have in the past produced some good players. There are severall at a high level in europe including the Premiership...but the fact remains that until there is a lower league structure or some high profile programmes at college level it will never take off unless the league is littered with imports. Then it becomes a retiremnet league. Without the imports the current level is poor.One or two imports has made a huge difference. I went to see the Red Bulls vs DC United last Sunday. Without Angel (red card) they could only create a few chances and the level was the equivilent to the conference.
  4. if this is true and he is striking, then he should be forced to play for the reserves all season and fined everytime he doesnt turn up. Very dissapointing, especially after we saved him from a career with the mk dons and made him a better player.
  5. He needs replacing, with someone with an ounce of loyalty. He kissed the badge after scoring then jumps ship when its time for a pay day. We were good enough for him in Div 1 when he was rotting in the Charlton reserves. Huge dissapointment. Good ridance Matt.
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