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  1. Many factors were at play. Not much was Farke's fault. If you can't see that, you're too busy going down on Dean!
  2. There are 3 teams that have less points today (I'm excluding Everton for obvious reasons) than Farke had at this point his first season in the premier league (10). The gap gets bigger each year.
  3. That's because he was a decent manager. Not perfect, but have yet to see anything better since and I don't think we will for a while still.
  4. Wagner tactics are: Run around a lot for the first 20mins until our aging squad get tired. Leave big gaps in the middle for the opposition to walk through. Make loads of subs around 60mins to disrupt, if we have any, momentum. Make sure any lead we have is quickly thrown away.
  5. No one listens to anyone in the UK!
  6. Oop, someone is a bit sensitive this morning. If you are a parody account too, pure genius!
  7. I don't think Farage is working class, nor is Bojo.
  8. Not much we can do about it. You keep on banging your drum.
  9. Get your drill out and hardwire it!
  10. Very unsustainable! I think around 210,000 of these are Ukrainian refugees.
  11. Maybe they will. First the PVV actually have to form a government.
  12. Got rid of Alexa. I found her to be creepy! I have nothing smart, except a 'smart' meter. Generally, I don't think that most of these devices really improve our lives. Especially smart lights! That's just laziness to the extreme. Maybe there's some usefulness but I am yet to see enough of it to go mad and turn my house 'smart'.
  13. It won't be done by the Tories. They'd be chasing their mates and themselves!
  14. Getafe v Almeria home win Over 4 goals Good luck everyone OTBC 💛💚💛💚
  15. I imagine it is an island full of Carls
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