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  1. Oh god here comes GingerPubes to pop up. It''s quite clearly Norwich related, as I''m commenting on a post regarding a player. Coming from the "uni student" who can''t string a grammatically formed structural sentence together in any of his posts, of which very little offer any value to a discussion at all, none of which have any fact based knowledge in, even though you spend your whole life on these boards, I don''t think it gives you a position to talk.It''s not my fault you have no friends and spend your whole life inside communicating to the virtual world with your computer friends, go out and get some real ones.
  2. Hi I''m First Wizard, I''ll link us with every single player that is rumoured to be available, just so if one out of the 1 million signs I can say I think I look amazing and I have amazing sources.Shut up man!
  3. [quote user="Gingerpele"]WAY, players leave and join clubs all the time. He was brought in and sold by different managers, who says Roeder didn''t want him here? Some players might be happier to move around than others, treating it more like a normal job (which it is to them, why should pay and location be any less important to a footballer than it is for a lawyer?). Some are more dedicated, but can you really blame Earnshaw being sold? It wasn''t as if he forced his way out of the club.....[/quote]I really do wish you would stop posting stuff you know nothing about. Please get some Norwich based facts and knowledge before posting and declaring stuff you know nothing about, child.
  4. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"]The team constantly morphed from start to finish. I think we hit top gear when Fox was introduced. I had no idea he was such a gem! Whitbred also made a massive impact with his inclusion, so good infact he will have Barnett wondering about next season.[/quote]Your shirts look class but would be better with the correct sponsor. :)
  5. Losing mentality, he''s Ipswich scum, he''s not better then what we already have, he''s been a journeyman. This is exactly the player we don''t want.Next.....
  6. [quote user="CDMullins"][quote user="Webbo118"]I think Scooby must be CDMullins in disguise !![/quote] Another example of just of stupid you are, contgratulations, again. You must have a sad little exsistance or a frankly weird obsession to keep looking for post that are by me or suggestingn they may be by me.[/quote]Everyone knows you''re an over opinionated fool though Mullins.
  7. Grant HoltLeague 2, League 1, Championship, Premiership - 4 seasons.Simeon Jackson - See Holt.Probably the most impressive...Matt GillConference, League 2, League 1, Championship, Premiership - 5 seasons. (if of course he gets any prem time, which I doubt, still fantastic.) Anyone add any more?
  8. Maybe you won''t like joining in with;''I wonna go home, i wonna go hoooooome, portsmouth''s a shit hole, I wonna go hooooome''.....
  9. [quote user="CT"]If my brother buys an away season ticket now will he be covered for the away leg?[/quote]Ridiculous question. This will be the same brother that only goes to a few games so he can get tickets for the big ones, then moans when it doesn''t work out that way?
  10. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/MatchTickets/0,,10355~2348866,00.html
  11. Our first and last games of the season....Time to break the curse please boys.
  12. Every home game, so whatever that record is.17 away:W:8D:6L:3Not bad for an exile. Yes I am going to Pompey.
  13. This is going to be some game lads, sit back and enjoy! Another one of those or 4 please Mr Taraabt.
  14. Don''t forget we''re just little old Norwich lads.
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