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  1. sorry but i just have too add to the monkey debate,i hate them,two reasons why: 1)as a young lad i visted Banham zoo many years ago when they had a chimp enclosure,now for those of you out there who might have also been before many years back you know whats coming.................one of the chimps had a great party trick,it would wait until many people were around the enclosure,then pick up the biggest lump of monkey crap and throw it at anyone who had''nt noticed/ran like hell away from the enclosure.....well i have to say it stank,also very hard to get of clothes,having not read the observers book on turds,i can truly claim it probably is the foulest stench in the world(think of a rotten banana and rotten eggs............... 2)they have big pink arses!!! anyway on to something a little bit more important(slightly)..get behind the boys,whoever is playing...2-1 win to city this weekend.
  2. ....... no place for Flem???,don''t think he''s been that bad,anyone else agree?
  3. Watching match of the day the other night,did anyone else notice at the Fulham vs Arsenal game, neil Doncaster sitting next to Tord grip?????.........anyway first message on new board....it''s great all these little faces !!!!!
  4. Berks...i do agree with most of the stuff you''ve said,but Worthy won''t be held to ransom or just panic buy to keep us all happy.You have to agree though the team has''nt played that badly and the new players will take time to settle in,if anything it''s given the exsisting members of the squad a kick up the backside,Edworthy has come back in and played well....Doherty has performed well up front too......lets trust Worthy and see what happens Stick together,otbc.
  5. sorry...but Zema won''t cut it in the Prem!.....i''d love to be proved wrong...
  6. AJ,come on mate,get real...if we do get relegated i can''t see Worthy getting the push,in fact everyone else out there give us your opinion!....i''d say over 90% would want to keep sir Worthy!!!
  7. Shropshire Canary...sorry did''nt read your post ref oxygen....i thought the same!!...ah great minds think alike.
  8. Bejesus indeed...you need bloody oxygen up there,infact any snow fell pete?
  9. erm...interesting indeed,right i''m gonna go for: green edworthy..Flem..charlton...Drury Helveg..Holt..Damo..Mcveigh Doc...hucks just can''t see Worthy dropping the Doc after the way he has started,Helveg to give good cover for Edders and we''ll possibly see Safri at some stage in place of holt. Otbc.
  10. Sam,I have a feeling you might be right,but as always our boys will give everything!!......we always give 100% and fight to the end.I also think you''ll like Carrow rd ,now it''s changed a bit! Anyway i''ll be pleased if we play well like we did second half against Newcastle and pass the ball well. otbc
  11. have to agree too,but Shearer often wins most headers against taller defenders,he has always been good at that.....i thought generally flem and charlton played well!!
  12. thanks Tim, that explains a lot,i''m forever hitting the refresh button.....i must confess the computer has almost gone through my kitchen window on a few occasions. Now it knows it''s safe!!
  13. just to start that one of bayern,i,m 5''11,capricorn....
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