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  1. What is it with these guys at NCFC now. I sit in the Barclay lower next to the Snakepit and have recently observed stewards at the Bolton game and most recently against Tottenham speak to memebers of the snakepit regarding standing. This normally appears to be when the fans are getting behind the team and I am sure that someone was ejected on Saturday by the little hitlers. This is soon going to boil over as it is now the case that as soon as you stand a tango man will command you to return to a nice calm,quiet manner with your bum perched safely on a seat. I would be interested in how the club feel we are able to get behind the team in a nice sedate seated manner, I for one cannot and would welcome the opportunity to determine other peoples feelings regarding this subject MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY    
  2. Pottsy Boro is a lot rougher than it''s more cosmopolitan neighbour Newcastle and you need to watch yourself up there. One of the main clubs is the Bongo (I think it is still called that) which can be a bit dodgy at times and the ship moored near the stadium is a good laugh (very cheap and cheerful) Some good bars around the town which is about 10mins from the ground. Got a number of mates who are boro boys and went up for the England game a while back and always have a good time. You could if you like try to book into the Tall Trees at Yarm which is south of Boro but is a cracking 5 star pad which always used to put me up for @£60 for a double and has a great club alongside it. Yarm has some great pubs and the odd wine bar, Kings Head is cool and was used by Mr Gazza and our own Keef O''Neill. HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME
  3.   Technically the post should be   "Dey tink weir tick" - ey ey calm down,calm down The funniest thing about scousers is...........everything   We will win  
  4. Malky was a top man who served Norwich well and yes we do have some very important goals to thanks him for and some good solid defending most of the time. Now we must move on as he does lack pace and is not what we need in this division but like the big gapped tooth one he will always be a City till I die star. Best of luck with West Ham but don''t get promoted and come back here and stop us scoring!!!!      
  5. I remember being relegated and how much that hurt. I have also endured 5 seasons of crap football and been laughed at by all my Ipshit mates. I have endured 4 better seasons culminating in winning division 1 and restoring premiership football. So far I have seen nothing negative in the 4 games that we have played to indicate that we cannot compete at this level. If we suffer injuries we could struggle but that is not connected to the size of the squad. What Norwich have is a strength of spirit and commitment throughout the team to battle using good quality football to secure anend result. I would defy anyone to challenge the quality of football displayed so far this season barring one or two players who are finding adjustment difficult. We played against and matched for periods of the play Manu U and Arsenal and Newcastle. We did not win but we proved what we could do against THE BEST and as importantly it proved to the players that they can compete and in any profession confidence will breed success. It is not all about the quality of players (remember Middlesborough who were relegated with one of the most prolific strikers in Serie A as they could not cut it as a team) Norwich also has a tight knit dressing room and team spirit and it would be criminal if that were lost as a result of a bad buy. There is a lot more to buying a player than his displayed abilities and it is not just about the cash. I was as excited as anyone yesterday awaiting news of new arrivals up front and am dissapointed but we must only buy the right people and I believe that if that person was available we would have bought them and we didn''t so on we go to Tottenham and 3 points as these will come soon as we are the best that I have seen us for a long time. I have waited a long time for this and I for one am not about to dismiss our chances 4 games in but to support the team that I love with an absolute passion. We can do this and must all believe and trust in those that got us here.
  6. I do not want to get on anyones back but am forced to agree as I share the sentiments exactly. Goals against are due to the skill or luck of the player scoring but it is down to the defending team to reduce their chance. Having watched Man U and the Newcastle game midweek it is apparent that he does not seem to want the ball. When in possesssion he gave it away and I consider both goals to have the hand of Holt in them. He did back off from Bellamy to leave him unmarked in the centre of the box, as to his ability to stop the ball from crossing the line is debatable but he could and should have reduced the space Bellers was given. He was also nowhere on the header and should have challenged Hughes and restricted his option on goal. These are mistakes that cannot be made at this level as you get punished. I would also state that without him we may not be here now as his performance last season was terrific but if sentiment picked teams than Roberts would still be upfront for us. Holt has served Norwich well but at the moment seems out of his depth and that regardless of what has happened we cannot afford.
  7. We played well, Hucks goal was brilliant and showed absolute class and determination. Had Henry the french cat scored that for Arsenil then more would be said. Svenson looked ineffective on Sat but looked a little more into the game on MOTD in the evening (maybe I had drunk too much beer). Francis played a blinder and seemed to be everywhere, Bentley really impressed, got forward well and is not afraid to have a go at players but the thing that most impressed me was that he got back and defended and broke down a few attacks on their part. Greeno superb and defensively we looked good and solid. Their goal was well taken and is one of those things. Even McVeigh appeared a lot more threatening and McKenzie came on and really threatened tham and I believe should start ahead of Svenson as was a lot more dominating. If Svenson is not using his height to win the ball then he is a lot more ineffective and lacks McKenzie''s attitude for scoring. A good game and more of that play will see us score goals, win games and we will remain where we have always belonged. I love Delia
  8. Well said I am a resident of the Barclay lower A block and I have never left a match in the last few seasons with the ability to talk easily as I have spent the previous 90 minutes shouting and singing as do the majority of those around me in the stand. On the subject of the goal, at the point that Palace scored we launched into OTBC as we were not deflated,dissapointed is different. If the level of noise were spread around the ground better the atmosphere would be excellent. I thought the game was good and we played some good football. Dissapointed with the result but that''s football. Better teams than us lost at the weekend and I for one was encouraged by the style of play that was shown on the pitch. Above all do not forget that the scum are still languishing in the Diet Coke special needs league regardless and we are playing Europe''s finest. Ever onwards
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