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  1. Living in dream world of your own, I live near Leeds and know many Leeds fans who''d rather they hadn''t gone mad as you so desire, there''s a subtle difference between showing some ambition which the present board have done and blind stupidity which you touch on!!! We''ve come on leaps and bounds in the past 2-3 years, enjoy it you never know you may like it!!!    
  2. Your''e spot on, Wenger will buy a Centre half, he''s hardly needs a goalkeeper, all this nonsense about Green going south is getting boring.
  3. Last thing I want is pens, I''ve got work tomorrow morning!!!
  4. You are right about the ''ifs'' and ''buts'', but the fact is we don''t have that ruthlessness that is required to survive at present. Please don''t tell me that Leon is the answer, quoting chances per goal ratios, he missed 2-3 sitters on Saturday. Don''t get me wrong I love the bloke and agree that he is the best we have on offer but he will not get us the 20 goals we need. For goodness sake he was playing for The Posh this time last season, your''e asking alot of the bloke I reckon. NW has admitted that this is our ''Archilles Heal''(http://new.pinkun.com/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PINKUNOnline&tCategory=Homepage&itemid=NOED26%20Oct%202004%2015%3A23%3A44%3A133) and is on with the search. I like the rest of us am frustrated at the way things are going at present, we are playing teams of the park in large spells,and it is this that is the problem, for if we were getting stuffed I''d have to accept that we aren''t good enough, but the only thing that is keeping us from climbing the table is a goalscorer!!!!! Hope I''m wrong about Leon...........but fear not
  5. Have to agree that Pompey''s defence were one of the worst I''ve seen this season and were there for a mauling, but were just not clinical enough in front of goal (why did Leon step over that ball from Huckerby?). Also can''t understand why all the so called expert fans don''t accept that we have done remarkably well to adjust to the premiership lifestyle and start enjoying the season, we could be at Bramall Lane this time next year or entertaining Luton Town. It''s not all doom and gloom just yet, we could beat the Baggies next and climb the table, but can''t see us getting more than a point. But with home games against Blackburn, Everton and Soton coming up, we need to start scoring or we''ll be left behind.    
  6. Tend to agree with you Fatman Fat, I am realistic about our chances of survival and feel that unless we do something amazing then we''re going to get relegated. However as a season ticket holder both home and away, I''ll carry on supporting the team, whoever plays, and really enjoy the ''ride''. Reckon our only chance is if we can hang on to the pack until January and then wheel and deal, the problem being that apparently we have spent our budget and can only raise 1.7m at best depending on shareholders. A major loan signing about the best we could expect. Just like to add that Leon is the best we have upfront but isn''t premiership quality in front of goal, controversial??!!
  7. We won the First Division last year, that was beyond my wildest dreams, beating the likes of Sheffield Utd, Millwall and Co. with  their array of International talent? Now it''s a different ball game, excuse the pun, we''re competing with the cream of world football against players that cost more than our entire squad and the majority of supporters on here seem unhappy with the way the manager and team are performing. I have my views on tactics, team selection, etc, which is what the game is all about but to expect us to be ''flying high'' is just being ridiculous. We have to be 100% behind the team regardless of the result and enjoy the experience. Hopefully we will turn the corner and get a few wins under our belts, but we shouldn''t set our sights too high. This Saturdays opposition fans are a fine example of how to stick by your team, they encouraged their team last season through some hard times and it reaped benefits, let''s take a leaf from their book and start being positive.
  8. last weekend he said we needed a decent striker to compliment Huckerby and we''d have a chance, and I for one had to agree with him. Dennis Irwin also talking about Wolves last season said that they lacked a goalscorer who''d guarantee 15 goals a season. We do not have anybody of that calibre, please don''t tell me that Leon or Doherty are the answer! Leon has not got the composure required at this level and Doherty isn''t a goalscorer full stop. I''m afraid we have made a very big mistake by not buying anybody to get us the goals we need, if I''m not mistaken we have ''battled'' courageously and incidently I''ve been to every game so far so feel qualified to comment, but have not had so many ''pops'' at goal other than from midfield ie Bentley and Holt. Will continue to support whichever XI is picked but we will really struggle when it comes to the scoring department. Only hope is that we are in contention come January.
  9. Watched Pompey playing Panathanaikos whilst on holiday yesterday and their back 3 was minus Primus, could still be in the balance, I for one think that although we need a decent striker, we are crying out for a new centre half. I don''t understand this loyalty towards Malky, he will drown at the top level against the likes of Henry, Owen, Cisse, Kezman, etc. He has been a great servant to the club and deserves to be a member of the squad but as a back up defender, please bring in a new centre half to partner either Fleming or Charlton.
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