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  1. Nah, i would never boo a Norwich player. It wont matter anyway, there is no chance he''ll be a Norwich player come the Coventry game.
  2. For me it''s :d) Sell both players and use the money to increase squad depth and re-fill the gaps.The 6 mil we would get for them two would be well enough to find players who would get us straight back up.Ww wouldnt need to buy another keeper, cause we have enough back up there.So the whole 6 mil would be used for outfield players, i''d personally wet my pants if Worthy had that to spend on getting us out of this league, cause i know for a fact, he''d bring in the right players and we''d go back up again.
  3. Nah, cant imagine that would be the reason.Very much doubt Worthy would send the team out with the order "dont get booked"
  4. To be fair, i dont think Helveg will pay that much attention to him. He must becoming slightly embarrassed at Olsens weekly "you must find another club Helveg" quotes.
  5. I''m not sure how good he is, one thing i find odd... You''ve just gone up with your team, they offer you a new contract but you refuse that and sign for a team in the league you''ve just left... Cant get my head around why any player would do that, surely we cant be offering him much more than Wigan are?
  6. I''ll sit on the fence a bit with my predictions! : 1 - We will finish in the top 4 2 - Ashton will finish our leading goalscorer and 3 - Both Shackell and Ashton will be named in the Championship team of the season
  7. [quote]I would much rather play one of our youth team players than this excuse for a professional footballer. His performances since he was linked with Charlton in January have just taken the p*** out of Nor...[/quote] Well said that man. It''s what a lot of Norwich fans are thinking, you''ve just had the balls to say it.
  8. He certainly seems to be leaning towards making a statement like you said with his quote today "You shouldn''t believe everything you read in the papers"His possible moves are being crossed off day by day.
  9. I''m not worried at all really, there is still a long way to go before the start of the season. The main thing i am worried about is that we might bring new players in, and want to play them out of position. I''m looking at a right sided midfielder, we all know Jonson and Henderson can play there at a push, but my fear is we bring in a couple of new central midfielders, then ask one of them to play out on the right as we''ve not been able to bring anyone in whos natural position is on the right. I believe that Green and Francis will end up going, so that would be 3m - 4.5m into Worthys pocket (depending if they buy the Francis that was so poor at the end of the season, or the one that was superb at the start) I''d imagine we''ll have 4.5m - 5.5m to spend, that should be enough i reckon.
  10. [quote]he will probably be given the freedom to go and cause havoc all over the pitch[/quote] And we''ve all seen the type of havoc he can cause in this league! He''s one of the main reasons i cant wait til this season starts, the way we were playing the season before last with him on top form was superb. This added with a proven goalscorer in Ashton, makes me wet my pants in excitement for the coming season! I''m not going to get all cocky and say we''ll walk it, but with those two players i''ve just mentioned, we''d be a lil gutted if we werent up there at the end wouldnt we?
  11. Again, i agree with DD...i have to stop doing that! The one thing i''m shocked about is that WBA now seem to be in for Green, surely if it was a toss between us in the championship, or WBA in the premiership he''s stick with us for another season wouldnt he?? I just cant see what he would gain from going to WBA, the only thing that they could offer that we dont is more money, and premiership football... I guess that carrot of premiership football, might just be to much for Green to refuse. If he goes then fair enough, the prem is where every player wants to be, but am i the only one who''d have a slight sour taste left in my mouth if he did go to WBA?
  12. Best of luck Svenny, tbh he wouldnt have got much of a look in this season. So, thats now 6 new players Worthy is looking for now. That added with that Green and Francis are likely to go, we''re going to see a few (maybe up to 8) new faces come in before the start of the season! The season will start before we know it, i''m sure Worthy knows what he is doing, but i hope we dont get to within a week of the season still 5 players off Worthys target number.
  13. I think it''s great everytime one of our players score for their international team, every player loves scoring, no matter who against.
  14. My mate told me that Safri scored as well, lets hope thats true!
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