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  1. Neither - Boothroyd with Hucks as assistant!!
  2. We can leave out Aidy and Coppell then, can we? Really, really shame, I think.
  3. Agreed! Can you call Aidi and we will end this nonsense by next weekend?
  4. [quote user="Lambo"]I''d take Dowie or Boothroyd personally.[/quote] Agreed! Can you call Aidi and we will end this nonsense by next weekend?
  5. AIDI BOOTHROYD is the answer. The only other serious alternative, Aage Hareide, got himself a job in Sweden. And Aidi would still be the best all in all. That MY opinion!
  6. For sure he has got commitment !! But it simply is not enough! HE has put this team together, HE has chosen every one of them, except from a very few left over from Worthington and Grant. It is HIS responsibility that they do their job and act like a team.
  7. But when will Norwich City understand that Bryan Gunn is not a manager? He is a good motivator, a great guy, etc, etc. But there is more to being a manager than this! We need someone who can understand what is wrong with the team, not someone who goes on with "This is just not good enough" and "I have told them, this is just not acceptable" If it was this easy running a team, I could do it as well. 7-1 at home in this division is enough to be sacked - sorry, Bryan.
  8. Hareide was pretty bad for the Norwegian side, but he was very good with Rosenborg, Helsingborg (Sweden) and Brøndby (I think it was that - in Denmark) These clubs play more like Norwich than Norway does, passing the ball well, etc. I don´t think he would be that bad, and as for the arrogancy - he can´t compete with Roeder at all, but who can? Norwegian players? Yes, perhaps he could bring in a few, but the greatest player ever is at the moment in USA... So BRING HIM BACK!! All in all - it will be Aidy Boothroyd won´t it?   Roberth Norway
  9. Thank you for a very serious answer ! And as I said; I think it´s very good that one takes action in this matter, no problem there. It is good as an example for the youth, good for the tone og the game and everything. But as with all refereeing: It has got to be fair ! I haven´t been out on a footballpitch myself and can´t say how much a referee hears, but if Norwich misses play-off because the ref is very strict, and shows the red card, and another lets everything pass, there has to be something wrong ! Perhaps they should start with microfones in the same way as they do with video and give match bans based on audio evidence ? Roberth
  10. [quote]The problem with playing Huckerby on the wing, is that we become defensively weakened on that flank. 4-3-1-2 - Green, Drury, Flem, Shax, Colin, Brennan, Safri, Marney, Huckerby (just behind stikers)...[/quote] I just have to say this is EXCACTLY what I think myself. Hucks behind the to up front ! Roberth - Sande in Norway
  11. To me it seems as though there was plenty of creativity last season, but lthe lack of qualities in the defense is obvious. Is it right, by the way, to let a player who broke his noes to days before play, when we have got an Irish international on the bench ready to stand in ? Roberth, Sande in Norway
  12. What is it with these people ? Why can´t they start by giving ALL who make protests yellow cards before they start sending somebody off on first dissent ? OK, so let´s see how many times Rooney and Keane get red cards this season. ManU will finish with 5 or 6 players if the referees are consequent about this. (which they of course aren´t. Come october, and this have settled to the same level as last year) And I think it is no good swearing to anyone on the footballpitch, but is it right that Roy Keane got banned for 4 matches for the awful attack on Alfie Haaland, and Hucks gets 3 mathes for using words ? GET UP, NORWICH - I WANT YOU ON MY TELLY AGAIN !!! Roberth - Norway
  13. A good solution, indeed. But then again it´s the money. To keep Helveg and still afford a good investment in a younger right back.. ? My mind´s going to Edworthy as a cover for the new guy, but somehow I don´t think that is an option anymore. Rob
  14. This is a good point. If Helveg stayes only one year, and leaves us when we are back in the top flight, then it its much better use of his salary to spend it on a younger player who needs this year in the Championship to grow and be ready for Premier League next season. Rob
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