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  1. Yup, my colleagues over at SSN reporting a 4th bid now in. Our evident desperation can''t do our chances of agreeing a fair fee any good can they?
  2. Look, fair point, I understand that he might post some silly comments. However my view is that the best reponse is just to ignore silly posts completely and they''ll soon die out.  
  3. Do you all realise how pathetic and bigoted you sound?? Yes that''s you ''Evil Monkey'' and you ''Clipped Wizard'' not to name the rest. If someone wants to express a view on here, then they should be able to do so without childish insults being flung back at them. Constructive debate should be encouraged, thoughtless jibes shouldn''t. And more to the point, the argument is a valid, if not necessarily correct one. Norwich City ARE viewed by many as being somewhat soft and Roeder is clearly aware of this. If you don''t like the comment, don''t reply. And don''t bother chucking insults at me...I neither care nor wish to entertain any.
  4. Surely we must have more than 250k to spend given the money we received from the parahute payment and recent tranfer fees?
  5. Good News! Fulham have just announced the signing of Czech goalie Jaroslav Drobny in the wake of Edwin van der Sar''s departure to Manchester United. One less place for Greeno to head to!   
  6. Firstly Scottish law differs in many ways so could be the case in this instant. Secondly Boumsong''s activity (i.e. the commentcement of his contract with Rangers) could have preceeded any FA/UEFA/FIFA laws. Thirdly, when we signed Deano, Worthy made a point of saying he was in for the long haul. This would suggest Ashton was signed on a 2/3 year contract on the realisation that relegation was highly likely and if so he would lead our attack for next seasons promotion push. Ashton isn''t going anywhere just yet.
  7. Yeah I''m going to be i an Fulham stand as well...going with 2 Fulham season ticket holders. They couldn''t care less if we jump up if we score...after all they haven''t got anything to play for and would rather enjoy the atmosphere with us. As long as we are well  behaved (and City fans always are) we''ll be ok
  8. With Steve Foley going to pick up coaching tips off Valencia this Summer, surely there must be scope for bringing in a hot young spaniard on loan? After all, he''ll witness their ability and attitude in training and will be able to ascertain their suitability for Norwich. As far as Valencia are concerned, a fringe player (of the La Liga Champs) getting Premier League experience can''t be bad!
  9. With regards to a TV screen in the stadium, I think the Faro staduium in Portugal that England played in a few months ago might have the answer. They used a Convex, Modern design infill, with a large screen in the centre. Looked good, but not too expensive. Would solve a temoporary infill problem. We should have a large screen. would be a fantastic improvement to the ground. Just think come december: New South Stand, New Pitch, New Infill, and maybe a large screen. Wouldn''t have imagined that a year ago!
  10. A couple of points: 1. Chelski have a hotel built it so it must make some financial sense...I can''t believe Bates and co would have spurned a money making oppurtunity in favour of accomodation! 2. However they managed to incorporate seating on the pitch side of the hotel at Stamford Bridge. Now i guess this is quite tricky to picture but what bascially is the case, is that you have a corner infill, with an extended back that makes up the hotel. a number of select ''suite'' rooms will have a view of the pitch. This would look similar to the Barclay and N & P stand. 3. If you saw ''Football Diaries'' on Sunday, BBC 2, they showed the inside of the hotel at The Majdeski Stadium. I have to admit, it looked very smart. Aesthetic, but a classy addition to the club. 4. As far as seating revenue .vs. hotel revenue is concerned: if we can make the hotel one of the best in the city, and make another 1st class Carrow Road restaurant and provide the best hospitality/banqueting/conferencing in the city, then I believe the capital gained could be considerable.
  11. Not bad...however with our rise to the premiership I would have liked to have seen something really special. It isn''t that different from last year. I do like the racing green...I can only think of Plymouth that wear that colour, so at least it is original. Looking at Fulham''s new kit, I think that some design flair you can create a really fantastic, fashionable strip. Oh well. Still gets my thumbs up! OTBC
  12. Yeah come on guys. doesn''t even take 5 secs and Tinnion is beating Iwan..that can''t be right. Lets get Iwan an award
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