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  1. [quote user="Norfolk Dumpling"]Let''s enjoy a successful pre-season and give the new team and the management team a chance to set the League One on fire. Good to see the new Chairman talking up expectations and demanding promotion first time. Can they do it? I think that they can. The early away games will be a good indication of how much our hopes will be meet.[/quote] I agree. There can be no excuses.......... take a look at this page for current transfers in LG 1 http://soccerlens.com/english-league-one-transfers/ Compare us with most of the others in the division. Plus I can see us adding 2-3 more players. We are looking to get out of this division at the first attempt and building for a life in the champs.  
  2. [quote user="Canary02 III"] But for the last few minutes against Man Utd U21''s we would have won every pre-season game so far. Not much to brag about to be sure, but the results overall are more important than the sum of their parts. Look at pre-season results for the likes of Man Utd or Arsenal in years gone by. Not too many "doesn''t matter, it''s only pre-season" results there. The winning mentality is instilled whatever the match, whatever the opposition, whomever is selected, and every win reinforces that belief and mentality. Gunn has proved nothing yet and won''t do until competitive matches begin. However the pre-season, from the selection of opponents becoming gradually more challenging, to the team bonding which by all accounts is working well, to the obviously good signings, has been the best pre-season I can remember, and it gives us every chance going into the new season. The big question is can Gunn sustain a successful team once tactics and motivation become an issue? Only an appalling run of injuries to key players could excuse him not producing a winning team now. Everything else he could wish for is in place. By his own hand he has produced the perfect platform for success, and now he has to live or die on results alone. If he can''t do it now he never will. [/quote] Very nice post. I don''t think too many are getting carried away. As you rightly say Gunn hasn''t won a LG 1 match yet. You have to give credit to the fact that a number of the pre-season transfer goals have been achieved given the budget constraints. I aplaud those who didn''t claim their rebate as this made a big difference to our transfer budget. It was levelled at the club that we lacked ambition. That may have been true in the past but the board have backed Gunn when they could have said maybe 5 permanent players maixmum with the rest being young players. I frankly expected us to be playing a lot more youth team players this year. What would be a fantastic senario is that we have a great start and are able to introduce the younger players without putting undue pressure on them. (maybe in the minor cup matches) The truth is...... Gunn will be under pressure to produce......... and produce quickly........... and to be honest with the backing he has had from the board and fans.......... anything less than top 6 is a complete failure. Saying that I think we will do well. I think many teams will be nervous about coming to Carrow road. A number of the newly promoted teams would never have played in front of that many people. The overall size of our team should make us intimidating to younger players that will make up many of the teams in LG1. Hopefully we will keep our unbeaten record going in the pre-season. But we face by far our toughest test with Wigan. They look to be taking no prisoners with their thumping of Preston.      
  3. [quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="Lord Norwich"] Dear All. After reading through your many many posts I have come to the conclusion that I dont actually understand what a fan or a supporter is. If you are a fan/supporter do you slate your manager/players/board?. Do you not accept  (regardless of whether you agree with the appointment of Bryan Gunn) that we all ned to "support" the team and hope they do well?. If you put half as much passion into supporting the team as you do slagging off Bryan Gunn, Delia Smith, Archant etc we would be one hell of a force. I am absolutely sure I will join the list of "the slated" right now for writing this but I dont care. Slating me will not affect the team you vow to "support". Quite simply..there are fans on here, there are supporters on here.......and there are whining, miserable, sad little people who are only happy when they are moaning and groaning about something. Support the club or sod off and "Support" someone else. Lord Norwich [/quote] .....and there are petty little knobs like you who think they know the lot. I suggest you sod off instead and let the club find its feet again once all of you luvvies have moved on to the next trendy weekend activity..... Fear not though... the real club supporters will remain behind to put right what you and your Deliarite chums have buggered up. [/quote] [img]http://cavediving.org/fat%20man%20looking%20mirror.jpg[/img]
  4. [quote user="singing canary"]its short as it is long really . they could say anything and we would just have thier word for it . so what about the money from marshall ..? we were told foulgers money plus rebates were nearly 700k holt cost(could be wrong) nearer 500k . so if thats the case we still have 200k for another player then !!![/quote] Fans have to realize that its very stupid to let everyone know exactly how much a club has in its transfer kitty. You would prefer everyone (clubs and players agents) to think we don''t have much money left.  
  5. [quote user="USAcanary"] Gunn and McNally have a history of keeping it all quiet until its done and dusted....... Look at the video on Friday where they unveil Wiggins, Whaley and Alnwick........... He was asked directly about Grant Holt..........said it was all just speculation..................... a few hours later Grant is unveiled..... and Gunn confirmed he has been at the club for the last 2 days......... LOL!   [/quote] Oh lets not forget Shrewsbury told their fans his absence from a friendly was due to an "injury"................ It was nice to see he "recoved" miraculously to play against Man U............. LOL!
  6. Gunn and McNally have a history of keeping it all quiet until its done and dusted....... Look at the video on Friday where they unveil Wiggins, Whaley and Alnwick........... He was asked directly about Grant Holt..........said it was all just speculation..................... a few hours later Grant is unveiled..... and Gunn confirmed he has been at the club for the last 2 days......... LOL!  
  7. [quote user="Shake n Vac the basd meerkat up"]I always imagined Drury to be smaller [/quote] Those are the numbers based on the official website and some wiki stuff.  
  8. [quote user="KingsLynnCanary"]Did Stefanovic not say a few months ago that he had taken a pay cut to stay with the club? Why would they re negotiate his deal if they didn''t want him to stay. I don''t think he''ll be going anywhere in this transfer window. [/quote] You need to re-read the article............... We did not re-negotiate........... he had a clause in his contract that he would take a cut in wages if we were relegated. I think we may be looking to loan him out if (a) we sign Askou and (b) we dont have any injuries in that position. With 7 subs we need at least 3 central defenders on game day. The irony is that opening day last year it looked like we had a ton of options at CB with Dejan, Kennedy, Doc and Shacks. We ended up with Drury having to play at CB in some games.......... CB is a very physical position, lots of injuries happen. 
  9. Its no secret that we have been looking to get much bigger and more physical as a squad............... In that thought........... here is my "physical" 11............ ......................................................... Rudd (6'' 3").................................... Spillane  (6'' 1")..........      Nelson  (6'' 2")..............          Askou  (6'' 3")..............       Drury (5'' 11") Hughes (5'' 11").........   Adeyemi  (6'' 1")................      OTJ  (6'' 3")...............         Lappin (5'' 11") ..............................Holt    (6'' 0").......................................    Maric   (6'' 1")   
  10. One problem not disscussed is the fact we are going to be up against more "direct" teams who will counter skill by humping long balls into the box. At 5 11" Dejan is by far the smallest central defender we have. I must admit its strange that for the first time in a while we are actually saying we have too many players in certain positions.......
  11. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] From Gunn''s comments, I would think that Maric has rejected the contract - but Gunn and co are considering ''upping'' the offer, hence why they wish to not release the information until a decision is made on that behalf. [/quote] Thats possible. Obviously its not a 100% "no" something is in the works.
  12. [quote user="Salahuddin"] well for starters why keep Bright on for a trial if it was yes and secondly he might not be able to say as it is up to the club he is signing for to announce....   Really hope I''m wrong though! [/quote] He doesn''t have to announce the club he is signing for? He could just say he is going in a different direction. It is possible we could sign Bright as well if the price is right? Then we could maybe loan out Cureton to get his wages off the books.  
  13. [quote user="Salahuddin"] hmm that doesn''t sound too promising. [:(] [/quote] Why? why would he delay a "no" answer? Sounds like they dont want to announce anything until the paperwork and final medical are completed?
  14. Its strange, maybe he want another look at Bright on Tuesday which gels with the "few days" I cannot think of any reason to delay a "no" ?  
  15. (1) Doc is the captain, Nelson and Gill are vice captains (2) Have receieved answer from Maric but keeping it under wraps for a few days? Not sure what to make of number 2, sounds like yes................ untill the paperwork is completed. Mot sure why he would delay telling the press if the answer was no?  
  16. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="Arthur Whittle OBE"][quote user="The Butler"] Having finally managed to get on to the board last night with the intention of catching up on the latest players signing,I was met with a thread/debate (if that''s the description) between two of my so called fellow members. Sir A W and Smudge. [/quote] Cant you see it was just a bit of banter between me and smudgey with neither party offended so why should you? Ive no problem with smudge, its just banter, evryone else does it, but when its someone like me or smudger you are up in arms about it...pathetic. Ive been called everything from Adolf Hittler to The BNP leader of Norwich, but do I complain? I simply have a bit of banter back..eg - renaming myself Adolf Whittler....Asd for the idiot who complained to the eb team.....some people just dont get it.......you people!!!!!!!!! Jesus!!! [/quote] Very true Arthur.. I would by you a pint if I bumped in to you in the City tomorrow. We are never going to agree on all things NCFC are we, or anything else in llife come to that matter. My opinion is that we will find ourselves at least 3 quality players short this season and no lessons have been learnt.   [/quote] [img]http://www.bt.no/multimedia/archive/00236/brokeback_mountain__236425c.jpg[/img]
  17. [quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="The Butler"] Having finally managed to get on to the board last night with the intention of catching up on the latest players signing,I was met with a thread/debate (if that''s the description) between two of my so called fellow members. Sir A W and Smudge. The level descended well below the level of what I pecieve as acceptable on a message board read by a range of age groupes.(perhaps I am old fashioned) If it is possible to "resign" from a "club" one didn''t join then that is my wish. The Butler does NOT want to be associated with people who drag themselves to the level of the gutter. I applaud Clucks "return the club to the fans" stance, but I think he needs to look closely at whom he associates membership with. I am also surprised at the level of jubilation on our gaining 9 new signings at a total of £1 to 1.5 Mil and although I to am pleased with OUR players,not loans, it does demonstrate how low the club has become when we have debated before the signatures of single 3 million plus rated players. I suppose success at third division level is better than the failures we have had to endure,but I am not convinced. Our level of expectation has gradualy been brought lower and lower each year for the last 10 years or so until embracing failure seems acceptable. I , with no doubt many many others, are hoping that the changes made will see the reverse of our decline. To that end I will, for one more season at least, give the team my support, with the hope that success might just attract a BUYER and the removal of the Devious Duo. [/quote] Re the PURISTS... I have to say that I was pretty surprised with what went on last night... and couldn''t log on to chuck a bucket of water over the pair of them. I reckoned the characters I put on the "list" were up for a bit of a laugh.... and normally I''m sure they are. On this basis the PURISTS are abolished in their current format  forthwith and a new group will be created in due course to "bring on back the good times"..... Pete the Moderator is still willing to perform his table top conjuring show however... and due to the circumstances will now no longer have to wear a blindfold. Whoooooosh.... where did that rabbit come from mmm? Amazing stuff. Tickets available from the secret venue or can be bought online at the secret website address.....     [/quote] [img]http://www.movietrimmer.com/content/default/english/images/movies/261594_3.jpg[/img]
  18. The interesting bit from his wiki................... "In January 2009 Kris Bright signed a 2 and a 1/2 year contract with Greek Super League side Panserraikos F.C., he was given the #32 shirt. He left the Club in July 2009." So he signs a 2.5 year deal and goes after just a few months? Did he bang the chairmans daughter?  
  19. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] Agreed, we do certainly seem to have a pretty large squad now for a league one club, pretty much 3 players for each position, can''t help but feel that some may make way before the end of August (Stefanovic,Pattison,Cureton?) The question now is whilst have have the squad (in terms of numbers) .......do we have the manager??? [/quote] I pretty much agree that we might look to loan out the 3 players you mentioned if we don''t have injuries. As for Gunn........... it''s the big question mark............. I think most people (including myself) have some reservations about his ability to manage. The bottom line is last year it was someone elses squad......... Now this is 100% Gunns squad. If he gets sacked because of poor results he can have no complaints. The board/supporters rebate have backed him in virtually all of his realistic targets.  
  20. [quote user="USAcanary"] OK, assuming we sign Whaley how does the current squad look at the various positions...... With recent annoucements many positions have started to become clearer. Here are my opinions. Goalkeeper..... Theoklitos, Rudd and Steer Pretty much set as all 3 are/will be getting minutes in pre-season. This looks like a strong trio of experience and quality young keepers. I don''t expect any moves in this area unless we get injuries. Centre backs....Doherty , Stefanovic, Nelson, Stephens,(Askou) (Joarder) A decent array of experience/cover in this position. I havn''t included Spillane or Drury who both could play at a push. I think its interesting we have Askou on trial who did well today by all reports. This with Dumic playing at RB suggest a shift of thinking. Right back... Otsemobor, Spillane and Dumic Big question marks at this position.Its obvious that we are lining up either Dumic or Spillane to be the cover for this position. It would not surprise me to see Spillane start the year as our number 1 RB. It was interesting in the Raith Rovers game they moved Otsemobor into right midfield. Left back     Drury, Habergham (Lappin ?) This is our weakest position by far in terms of squad depth. I would expect us to make some serious moves in this area pretty soon. Cen Midfield..... OTJ, Gill, Adeyemi Again we seem to be one short here. The fact we offered Stephen Hughes a contract kind of confirms that Team Gunn knows this. Spillane or Lappin can fill in at a push if we are hit badly. Left Midfield  Hoolahan, Pattison and Lappin With Hoolahan confirming he is staying this now looks stronger. The problem is do we have an out and out left sided attacking player? Oct 24th is the last regular season game for San Jose Earthquakes, They have very little chance of making the play offs. Maybe they might let one of their players out of their contract early? Even at his age Hucks IMHO would be a fantastic player to bring from the bench at this level. Right Midfield   Whaley, McVeigh, Corey Smith (Neilson) If we sign Whaley it looks like a decent improvement in quality at this position. I do expect McVeigh to have done enough to earn a contract Not sure what team Gunn thinks of the trialist Neilson. People reported he was decent against Dartford. Another possible option on the right is Chris Martin Strikers  Martin, Cureton, McDonald, Daley, (Maric) (Bridges) (Craig) (Powell) (I havn''t included Renton who probably won''t figure at all.) This is the area we are really looking to improve. The fact we have had a number of different trialists in (plus bids for Lee and Dickinson) suggest that we are looking to bring in a minimum of 2 strikers maybe 3. I think this is one area that Team Gunn must be aplauded for effort. (even if we lack confirmed signings as I make this post) Some people questioned why they have such a large pre-season fixture list. It should be obvious now that Team Gunn wanted to look at as many different players as possible. I also like the fact that Norwich won''t overpay for players that are not worth the outlay. Sir Alex just recently annouced he isn''t prepared to overpay for players no matter how good they are. (a guy with 80 million to spend) So far the Team Gunn gameplan is obviously to spend the limited budget wisely knowing the we needed to bring in a minimum of 8-10 players. I like the fact that Bryan Gunn kept his word that we are not going down the mass loan route again. All the players we have either signed or looked to sign were all on permanent deals. The important fact to realize is that with 7 subs this year, the game will become much more tactical. Having decent quality on the bench in most positions has never been more important. I also think once the Clingan and Russell deals are concluded (and their wages freed up) we will have a pretty good idea what our overall transfer budget will be. I expect us to be MUCH more active in the transfer market. I would be surprised if we don''t bring in at least another 4-5 players on permanent deals before the window shuts. [/quote] OK time to update this thread after a very busy transfer week. Well Bryan Gunn has certainly addresed most of the concerns from the last post on  the 16th July. I will add my thoughts as before. Goalkeeper..... Theoklitos, Alnwick, Rudd and Steer Bit of a suprise taking Alnwick on a 3 month loan. Obviously team Gunn has some concerns over either the two young lads or Theoklitos. Being only 3 months it suggests they still see Rudd as part of the first team squad but are hedging. Centre backs....Doherty , Stefanovic, Nelson, Stephens,(Askou) As before. Solid. Not sure if we will sign Askou. Looked decent by all reports in the pre-season games. Right back... Otsemobor, Spillane and Dumic This looks like who we are going with........... I still have a sneaky feeling Spillane will be 1st choice by the start of the season. Left back     Drury, Wiggins, Habergham Obviously they addressed the weakness at this position by adding Wiggins. A good signing based on the fact that Drury has not exactly been injury free.  Left Midfield  Hoolahan, Pattison and Lappin Still think we have a position open for a certain Mr Huckerby............. Cen Midfield..... OTJ, Gill, Hughes and Adeyemi Adding Hughes means we have numerous options in the middle. With 7 subs you will have 1-2 central midfield players on the bench. Right Midfield   Whaley, McVeigh, Corey Smith With Whaley signing we look more solid in this position. Hughes is also able to operate on the right hand side. Strikers  Holt, Martin, Cureton, McDonald, Daley, (Maric) (Powell) Obviously signing Holt is our biggest and most exciting signing so far. Gunn stated will still have an offer in for Maric so its obvious we are still looking for one more "bigger" type striker. Overall since my last post we have signed 5 players on permanent transfers and one 3 month loan. Most have been met with mostly positive reponses except one I want to say some words about Paul McVeigh. I think he has been unfairly attacked for a number of reasons. The guy obviously worked incredibly hard to earn a contract. If he didn''t impress the management on the training ground he wouldn''t have been offered a 1 year deal. Considering he cost us nothing and its fair to assume his wages are not that high its not much of a gamble for a decent squad player who has experience of playing in all four divisons. With 7 subs he is the type of utility player we can use if we are badly hit by injuries. Unlike a loan he wont have to learn the system. I think McVeighs problem in the past was not lack of skill but lack of commitment.............with a 1 year deal this is his last chance to impress. Gunn has made 10 signings this summer. I predict that in terms of "overall value" that Paul McVeigh wont be close to the worst signing. Overall pretty good so far. I still think we could bring in more players.........(askou, maric?) Especially if we could get a good price for Russell. If  Maric turns us down it''s still possible we could go out for another striker such as Alan Lee or Andy bishop. We now have by far the biggest permanant squad we have had in many many years. Now its just a case of finding our best 18 match day players............ With our current squad we have the option of many different formations.
  21. [quote user="Jimbo_Jet_Set"]The simple fact is that this squad needed a comprehensive rebuild and that looks like what has happened.  Time will tell whether Gunny has got it right, and I am not convinced he has.  However, at least he has assembled a squad which is ours and even if it is not successful gives us something to build on[/quote] I think this is fair/reasonable comment. If we buy 9 players its unlikely all of them will do well for one reason another. I also think the true test of Gunn as a manager will obviously be results but..... also how he develops the younger talent at the club. On one hand Gunn should feel fortunate at being given a chance to put things right. But..... the new chairman already stated it''s a "results based busines" which means after the support the board/fans rebate has given Gunn he just has to do well in the first 10-15 games. Anything less than top 6 will be seen as failure given our resources.      
  22. [quote user="Soldier on"]I think the pros outweigh the cons.  20 minutes here and there could turn a lot of games in our favour.  I hope it happens if only to give him a proper thankyou when promoted[/quote] I think Hucks is the kind of player who could give us a lift in the last 20 mins of a game, especially when the opposition defenders are starting to get tired.
  23. [quote user="Mello Yello"] WE really need to hit the ground running and show our intentions.....and that we do mean serious business. Beating Colchester soundly - will be a good start.....Momentum and consistency will be critical, as well as remaining injury free and with fewer bookings and suspensions. Around Christmas, we should be mixing it with the front runners and be in the top six at least.... If  come January 2010 - and we need an injection of fresh blood and new ideas to maintain the push, the board should pull all the stops out - and really ensure we are strengthened in the required areas..... Then, I just might be less cynical....and start to believe. [/quote] The fact you made a serious well reasoned post is a sign you already do.......... Even you must admit its refreshing to have the bulk of our first team in place with several pre-season matches to go. If/when we sell Russell it will allow us to have a nice little kitty that can be used come January. If we are challenging for the title it will make us very attractive to players coming here. (be it on loan or permanent)
  24. [quote user="Soldier on"]when is his last game.  I know he may have reservations about a move but even if he only gave us 20 games he may help get us promoted[/quote] October 24th but................. San Jose are almost certain to miss the playoff so its possible they could let him out of hi deal early if we really wanted him.
  25. [quote user="IncH_HigH"]With the signing of Whaley,Wiggins,Holt and the loan of Alnwick all secured today I can''t help but ask myself if Neil Doncaster could have managed to do all this in an entire transfer window. How much of this is down to our new CEO David McNally and his well know skills at previous clubs? Maybe getting McNally onboard was this summers shrewdest piece of business as he certainly seems to get things done a lot more than Doncaster used to,and even has the balls to turn down bids. Anybody miss Doncaster now? [/quote] It has to be said that Doncaster personally had a hand in virtually very piece of transfer business at the club. I blame a number of the problems at the club on him. No surprise he was sacked. With previous managers, if we didnt get our targets we never had a plan B. With McNally/team Gunn we always seem to have plan D,E,F,G and H The amount of work they must have gone through with all the trialists and all the players both coming in and going out. Probably over 20 different contract/transfer negotiations (including Marshall/ Clinagn abd Russell leaving) The fact that they walked away from some deals which were too expensive as well (Dickinson/Lee) is to be commended. I think they have been incredibly shrewd in the transfer market with a limited budget. With so many permenent trasnfers we now have the ability to go into the loan market if we need too to add quality to the squad.
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