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  1. Yep Hucks for me too. I still love watching him play.
  2. It has to be Milk Cup semi 2nd leg against the binners. Absolutely amazing drama - I will never forget it as long as I live.
  3. A few weeks ago I wrote to Doncaster, Delia and Munby expressing my concerns with a few things( mainly style of play). To his credit I had a reply from Doncaster within 2 days and it was immediately apparent that he had taken the time to read what I had said in my letter as he responded to individual points within it. I didn''t agree with much of what he said but that''s hardly the point- at least he made the effort. About a week later I got a bog standard reply from Delia which seemed as though she had just got a job lot of fobbing letters and signed one. Certainly no refence to anything specific I wrote. Still waiting for a reply from Mr. Munby but I do take my hat off to Doncaster for his swift and detailed reply.
  4. I actually find myself agreeing with you Chicken in as much as I would love to see Dario Gradi manage us. He seems an honest enough guy and his teams play football the way we all want to see Norwich play- passing the ball on the deck. I think you are right that we need to make the right appointment not just one for the sake of it, but for me the time is nigh. I wouldn''t mind going for Billy Davies at Preston but would he come here?
  5. It''s just that an even split of KTFers and Worthy outers seems unlikely to me as practically everyone I talk to about this is of the same opinion but as you say it''s just an opinion.  I think we will have to agree to disagree on this as you obviously don''t think that a majority want him out and I do. One other thing- people in this country hardly ever protest about anything. Look how much they put council tax up year after year but we all just take it don''t we, so to me just because people don''t protest doesn''t mean they don''t want Worthy out.
  6. I''m not sure why you are so upset here Chicken. I stand by what I said previously in that in my circle of friends and family not one person wants Worthy to stay. Obviously some of you do, that''s your prerogative. Was it wrong to ask Andy (politely) where he was getting his figures from?
  7. Not sure where you are getting your figures from Andy, but I honestly don''t know one person who wants him to stay.
  8. I''ll see you there LGT. I think there will be more there than the KTFers think.
  9. I think Nevio Scala used to manage Parma in the early 90''s if memory serves.
  10. Would struggle to choose between Hoddle,Gascoigne and Henry to be honest. Maybe Henry just shades it.
  11. I think the reason Hughes is getting booed is really down to peoples frustrations with the ''style'' of football we are playing. I certainly want to see us become a passing team once more and this seems unlikely while Hughes is playing as he would struggle to pass wind. He is symptomatic of what is wrong with us at the moment - all effort and no ability. Having said that I wouldn''t boo him and don''t think any Norwich fans should as this will only destroy whatever confidence he has left. The blame lies with Worthington for picking him so if you want to boo anyone he''s your man.
  12. Yeah, I am. I''m on nights the night before and after so will have between 2-3 hours sleep before getting up to watch us beat the binners (hopefully).An afternoon kick off would have been nice.
  13. I am personally delighted with the signing of Earnshaw but it doesn''t change a thing for me as far as Worthington is concerned.The sooner he goes the better.
  14. [quote user="Old Boy"]Good luck to "Finidi" George Burley - he''ll need it. But he''s NOT the Messiah....[/quote] He''s a very naughty boy.
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