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  1. sorry, dont know how to insert pictures....and i know u sed dark skinned but are u sure it wasnt this man...? supposed to be very good in the air...  (<---click it)
  2. word on the grapevine has it that worthless is on the verge of securing the services of a big name, seasoned campaigner....following his choice remarks on sunday - he has been seen lingering in the house of commons apparently trying to sort out a financial package that would see PATRICIA HEWITT take on the role of PR guru/spin doctor. Alastair Campbell has also been mooted for this position. both candidates are said to be "delighted to be considered" and Hewitt also claims that this has been "The best season in NCFC''s history!"
  3. [quote user="bethan sommerfield"]we ALL dont want worthy out do we?? so you shouldnt sing for other it makes it sound like every1 does want him out but they dont!! and if they really want him out they shouldnt think they look stupid standing up!! and hughes... do you think that having 20odd thousand people shoutin at him is gunna boost his confidence?? no didnt think so [/quote]if you take the chant in it''s literal sense, it does not say "we ALL want worthy out."it says "we want worthy out" - id say the collective of people singing constitutes a we. would you like us to change it to "we (the people that are singing) want worthy out"? the chant is implicit only of the fact that those singing aka ''we'' want worthy out. it does not pretend that all the fans want worthington out. shouldnt you be revising for your 11+ anyway?
  4. ''We''ve only won one game,  we''ve only won one game, one game, we''ve only won one game''doesnt it say alot that until the 78th minute - the only decent save their keeper made was from his own defender''s header?it''s quite remarkable, i dont remember us ever being bad enough that other teams actively tried to give us a goal before.
  5. "Yoy know, I bet he''s not thought of that, you may be onto something, ring him quick!"if i had the facility to ring him, id be more inclined to tell him that a football match lasts 90mins not 45.
  6. i say this only as they seem to be branding all of us worthy outers as "disloyal supporters, or untrue fans" for not backing the manager/the board. Going by this logic we should re-instate robert chase with immediate effect as it was only supporter power that ousted him. but we were all being disloyal by protesting then obviously, clearly whoever is in charge is the best man for the job. and no matter how far down they are dragging the club i will always give them 100% support, because its disloyal to protest against someone who is destroying the club you love. remember this logic and you cant go far wrong. oh, and if anyone is nipping out to the shops, pick me up a map to oldham while your out? i think it may come in useful next year..... Dark days, on their way again....
  7. i disagree - the difference between wenger and worthless is wenger has been there 10 ish years and had 9ish good years and successful years. worthless has been here 5yrs and had one year where he got lucky. but rest of post is spot on. we were the bookies faves. we are now in 11th with no hope of the play offs.
  8. yeah i saw it - very very unlucky - similar to notman''s in that he was just closing the ball down! best wishes to alan tho - not my favourite player but i wouldnt wish an injury like that on anyone - hope he returns.
  9. pretty much the response i expected - i was just playing by worthy''s tactics - forget the youngsters, lets see how many fans we can buy off other clubs for ridiculous money.... as long as they clap alot it doesnt matter how badly they perform. in fact lets purge the club of passionate, talented young fans by not giving them a chance - that leaves plent of room for cloggers other teams dont want!
  10. [quote user="bethan sommerfield"]yes you are right worthy does train them etc; tell them what 2 do but at the end of the day is it him that goes out there and plays the footy on the pitch looses the ball? ....NO!!misses thse open goals ....NO!! so its not just worthy in the wrong is it? the players are just as much in the wrong as worthy they are as bad/good as each other!! and i think its dreadfull 3-0 up still giving the team and manager no support by the lack of attendance and chants being sung also the WO chants i mean 3-0 up (its a win) and a wins a in doesnt matter how they win does it? cant any of you fans just be hppy for a win it hasnt happened in a long while and now that we do win a game u are still moaing  the club cant do nothing right for some fans now!!! its a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] back to school on monday, back to school on monday, la la la laaa, la la la laaa
  11. [quote user="sheded"]I`m in total agreement about the " nanny state " bit Wiz !     but , hey  , the dragon   is fooling around with 3.5 million pounds of our clubs money !  , he gets injured [ or worse ]    doing  somersaults   ,  then there`s going to be hell to pay  ! why can`t he just  just run around like a headless chicken   , with all his playmates  trying to mount him    when he scores ?     [/quote]i think we should just order him not to celebrate. and while we''re at it, inform all gymnasts competing at the olympics they cant do back flips as sheded reckons their dangerous. for the record its a SOMERSAULT, not a back flip as he rotates forward (i know sheded got thisa right but many others havent. and when worthless tells Earnie to stop the somersaults, he can also tell him to stop shooting in case he kicks the ground and breaks an ankle. and no sprinting in case he tears a muscle. and most clubs have insurance to cover against career ending injuries for expensive players anyway.
  12. "Last two years??? Where were you when we got promoted mate???"i was there celebrating with everyone else. THAT WAS 2YEARS AGO. 6million pounds later and we''re as poorly off as we were under Hamilton.yeah he had a successful season - but one successful year out of 5 is not a basis to keep a manager. especially not after being backed to the hilt by the board. GIVE ME A REASON WE SHOULD KEEP HIM NOW. NOT WHY WE SHOULD''VE KEPT HIM 2YEARS AGO!?
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