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  1. What position do you play in? 


  2. Pete,  This is over a year old but somehow got put back up!  You guys are doing a great job!
  3. Fluff


    Anglian com side with teams in 5 and 2 are looking for an experienced centre half to come into the squad immediately.  We also always welcome new players looking for a change too.  Please send me a PM if interested.


  4. Fluff

    Goal Keeper

    Due to injury, we are looking for a keeper to go straight into our squad for this weekend.  The place is up for grabs on a permanent basis if you fancy the task
  5. Fluff

    New season blues!

    Lads,Training is at half eight on tues evenings at Thorpe High school on pound lane.  We are always on the far 3g pitch.  You are more than welcome to pop up.Thanks
  6. Fluff

    Yesterday's casualty

    It was actually his pony tail that got caught but he had to be freed!  There are loads of escapades he has achieved over the years (normally drink related and NCFC away days) which is why his work colleagues (that all know he is ok and will be laughing at himself too) are desperate for either a picture or anything!
  7. Fluff

    Yesterday's casualty

    We just want to add this to his scrapbook of other injuries, including getting his ear caught in an escalator (dont ask)! 


  8. Fluff

    Yesterday's casualty

    [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Would you be doing the same if god forbid he''d had a heart attack? [:^)]  Or if that was your father, mother?[/quote]


    No, but then I know that he hasnt had either of those things!  It''s not tasteless, or unpleasent, its called friendly work banter.  Some of us including Darren have sense of humours.

  9. Fluff

    Yesterday's casualty

    There are close to 50 of his work mates trawling youtube as I type!!
  10. Fluff

    Yesterday's casualty

    The ''old boy'' in question is a work mate.  Does anyone have any video footage of it?  ha ha.  Serious, any footage, please let me know!
  11. Fluff

    Who's going to Hartlepool?

    i spent quite alot of time up there last year and loved the place. Its the hardest town in the world to spend a tenner on a night out due to its buy one get three pints free mentality!

    The ground is right next door to a morrisons funny enough as well!

    Just dont go calling anyone a monkey hanger!
  12. Fluff

    Report from Colney

    was he laying down some trip hop beats at the same time? Must have been Tricky
  13. Fluff

    Tudor Jones

    Tall, lazy and useless! 
  14. Fluff

    business house league


    You need to get in touch with Chris Everett.  email business.house@live.co.uk for full details. 

  15. Fluff

    New season blues!

    To any players out there still looking for a new club or considering a change, Sprowston wanderers are always looking to strengthen their ranks.  We have two saturday sides and one sunday side

    The club is going through a change and so are on the lookout for new blood to come in and help us build for the future, whether you want to play or just get involved in helping the club.  We are having a small training session this saturday at our home ground at Barkers lane 1430, new faces more than welcome, if not we will be midweek training at Thorpe high school 3G pitch once the midweek games have ceased.