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  1. It was actually his pony tail that got caught but he had to be freed!  There are loads of escapades he has achieved over the years (normally drink related and NCFC away days) which is why his work colleagues (that all know he is ok and will be laughing at himself too) are desperate for either a picture or anything!
  2. We just want to add this to his scrapbook of other injuries, including getting his ear caught in an escalator (dont ask)!   
  3. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Would you be doing the same if god forbid he''d had a heart attack? [:^)]  Or if that was your father, mother?[/quote]   No, but then I know that he hasnt had either of those things!  It''s not tasteless, or unpleasent, its called friendly work banter.  Some of us including Darren have sense of humours.
  4. There are close to 50 of his work mates trawling youtube as I type!!
  5. The ''old boy'' in question is a work mate.  Does anyone have any video footage of it?  ha ha.  Serious, any footage, please let me know!
  6. i spent quite alot of time up there last year and loved the place. Its the hardest town in the world to spend a tenner on a night out due to its buy one get three pints free mentality! The ground is right next door to a morrisons funny enough as well! Just dont go calling anyone a monkey hanger!
  7. was he laying down some trip hop beats at the same time? Must have been Tricky
  8. Really!  Not from where I sit
  9. At first I was chuffed, and then I read this statement from Macnally   "Paul and I have worked together in the past but it''s certainly no old pals'' act, Paul has been selected by the Norwich City board and it''s the directors'' view he''s the best man for the job."   The boards track record................hmmm
  10. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="Totally Mad"]After carfeful thought Nigel Adkins is the new City boss[/quote] my money''s on him as well and would be satisfied with that [/quote]Not another keeper!
  11. The world has just lost another genuine, honest and modest human being, and a great loss at that.  Sir Bobby, you were one of the few gents left in the game with your integrity but your passion too and you will be missed.
  12. The pink un was not just there for NCFC, but is the lifesblood for many amatuer football sides.  Many of us could see this happening ages ago.  If you look at the link below, you will see that it was raised about lack of exposure for the smaller local sides.  People dont want to spend £1 nowadays on something they get to read online anyway, however had more local issues, reports and club features had been added, you never know, after all who doesnt like seeing their own name in print, and thats what the junior football section gave you 10 years ago.  This was slowly whittled down to 4 or 5 pages covering the whole of football in Norfolk other than NCFC or kings Lynn.  Thats over 200 clubs given just half an issue!  Shame on you archant     http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1018897/ShowPost.aspx
  13. It must be horrible being burdoned with all this inside knowledge wiz!!  Oh sorry, maybe not so....!
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